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The iPhone will display more information on the lock screen, Mac computers will have more powerful processors, and Apple users will be more secure without passwords. Apple also wants to play a bigger role in cars in the future – as long as manufacturers cooperate.

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6/6/2022 – 9:23 pm

In competition with Android smartphones and Windows PCs, Apple is counting on more performance and better interaction between its devices. At the beginning of the WWDC Developers Conference, the group announced, among other things, a new processor for the new Mac computers. However, Apple’s data glasses, which have been speculated for years, were not introduced this time either.

The next generations of Macbook Air and Macbook Pro laptops introduced on Monday will be the first to get the new M2 processor. The chip system should provide more power than Apple’s first M1 chip, even with the same power consumption. Among other things, the M2 has a quarter more transistors, Apple CEO Johnny Srouji confirmed. With the M1, Apple turned its back on processors from industry giant Intel and brought all its devices from iPhone to Mac on a technical basis.

Access to car functions

Apple is preparing for a potential revolution with its CarPlay software. Until now it was there to bring content from the iPhone to the infotainment screen. The upcoming version should now also provide access to vehicle functions such as air conditioning control – and also be able to operate the entire instrument cluster, for example with a speed display.

She added that the first vehicles to be used are scheduled to be presented at the end of next year. Among the manufacturers that Apple says are involved in the project are Mercedes, Audi and Porsche, as well as Ford, Renault, Nissan and Volvo, among others. Google has been working for years to provide manufacturers with an Android version of in-car functionality in addition to CarPlay’s rival Android Auto.

More ways to customize your lock screen

On the iPhone, the new iOS 16 operating system provides, among other things, more options for customizing the lock screen with so-called widgets for functions such as displaying a weather forecast. Google Android smartphones have always been able to display widgets on the lock screen. Apple will also offer developers a live interface, which can be used to display, for example, when a car service arrives or the result of a game in real time on the lock screen.

In Apple SMS Alternate messages, the messages will be corrected and checked out later. In the future, it will be possible to plan routes with up to 15 stops in the Maps application. In the future, apps could combine photos from Apple’s “Look Around” street views — which would benefit real estate apps, for example. In the future, the Apple Watch will also be able to record sleep stages and remind users to take their medication.

Encryption key instead of password

With the passkey function, users of Apple devices should be able to do without passwords. Instead of passwords, an encryption key is generated for the biometric registration using FaceID facial recognition or a fingerprint. These encryption keys can be shared across different Apple devices and, thanks to collaboration with other companies, also across platforms. The advantage of the procedure is that passwords are not generated that are repeated from one service to another or that can be picked up by hackers with the help of scam emails.

With the new “Freeform” app, Apple wants to offer a kind of digital whiteboard on which many users can share and edit not only text, but also graphics, photos and videos.

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