The War in Ukraine: Ukraine War Update June 6

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war in Ukraine It has dire consequences for the entire population. But the situation is especially devastating for people who are sick and who are dependent on medication.

Because of the destruction of health facilities, many patients can no longer get medicines. “This situation is life-threatening for tuberculosis patients and people living with HIV in particular,” warns Peters Sands, director of the Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. He also fears a marked increase in cases of HIV and tuberculosis in Ukraine, which had one of the highest rates of tuberculosis in Europe even before the war began.

today: Russian attacks continued in eastern Ukraine. The hotly contested city of Sevgerodonetsk was attacked by artillery in the morning. According to the military governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Hajjaj, the situation on the ground again deteriorated and the Ukrainian units were forced to retreat to the industrial zone. “They have a tactic: simply raze everything to the ground until there is nothing left,” Hajjaj says, describing the actions of the Russian forces. And in the neighboring city of Lysichansk, President Zelensky personally awarded medals to soldiers during the night. According to the authorities, the village of Tgotkino, located on the border with Ukraine, is located on the Russian side He was shot. No one is reported to have been injured or killed. In addition, according to the Ukrainian army, they again killed a high-ranking Russian officer, Roman Kutuzov, when he was leading an attack on a town near Popasna in the Luhansk region.

location, location: The Social Democrats and the Greens are calling for an excess profit tax to be imposed on companies that particularly benefit from the war in Ukraine. This should particularly affect the large mineral oil companies, as coffers are ringing in light of rising oil prices. But who is the real exploiter of the crisis and how should only “bad” profits be punished? Rather than attempting tax justice, our writer sees a disguised populism, for which the FDP had to break its electoral promise.

Region: “We want to show that we are there,” the Minister of State for Culture explains Claudia Roth They begin their two-day trip to Odessa, Ukraine, on Friday. The Augsburg citizen is the first member of the federal government to visit the port city of Ukraine since the start of the war. Roth explains that the city has an incredible amount of culture, but it is currently under attack. On site, the Secretary of State for Culture wants to visit the film studio and the Philharmonic theater as well as the city’s opera and ballet library and science library. In addition, the green politician wants to know what the war looks like beyond the question of heavy weapons.

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