Successful reboot: 52,000 have not forgotten about pure culture

After a forced break of two years, Kultur Pur is back. “This encourages the culture in the region as a whole,” says Jens von Heyden.

Culture Pure is back. 52,000 came, although the anniversary was extended by one day, 9,000 less than the last ‘normal’ festival in 2019. This was due to bad weather in Whitsunday, traditionally the busiest, but above all due to audience reluctance in the third year of the pandemic and limited tent capacity – The time of nearly 3,000 spectators in the big tent was over right now. In light of the sharp drop in visitors to established cultural events by as much as 70 percent in some cases, festival director Jens von Hayden can breathe a sigh of relief: “This gives courage to the culture in the region as a whole. We are daring again.”

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“Your place in the middle of nowhere”: Bob Geldof’s saying of pure culture still graces the ceiling of the little tent theater. But the guests no longer looked at the dense spruce forest that surrounded the small theatrical city. The view is on Ahornallee on Gillerbergstraße, which has been spared drought and bark beetles. You have to get used to it: “Nature is always changing. This also ensures the dynamism at Kultur Pur,” says Patrick Zoller, who monitors the family’s outdoor program and decides to look forward with confidence.

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London’s Covent Garden’s James has moved with the times: anyone who wants to scan a QR code to honor their looks – James Hessler, a Scotsman with German roots, would probably prefer toss coins into the hat, no wonder. His show in the outdoor area is the first here after Kultur Pur 2019. That was three years ago.

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Six events sold out

People are in high spirits, coming with kids and dogs and full of picnic gear, by bike more than ever – they haven’t forgotten about pure culture. They still line up for frozen yogurt as it was just invented. They’re partying with singer-songwriter Alice Merton, and she’s with them: It’s her first concert “in years” indoors, she says. It was no different for Gregor Mill, before that in the evening after BAP – for three hours! – , the dark rock band Mono Inc. And Spider Murphy Gang and Suzie Quatro by raising it. After all, six events were completely sold out, and there were no failures in terms of response or quality. Jens von Heyden, head of the Cultural Office, emphasized that the Christmas catch-up program has always been popular: “We also want to make a lot of people happy.”

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Inside the middle tent, Sparkasse set up a photo studio: there you can take your picture in beachwear in front of the photo wall with KulturPur meadow and tents. On Saturday, in the potentially sunburned heat, this makes less sense than on Sunday. As it was ten years ago, part of the afternoon program will be moved to the big tent. Even if the bad weather depends only in part on the forecast. Sitting Duck will soon be able to step up their pub reopening with the sweet name “Chiringuito Paradise” outside.

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Time did not pass for the robber barons Hilchenbacher Schlossberg. Two young knights, aged one and two, search for the magical owl, including six-year-old Frieda von der Geisenberg, Greta Beom, next to thief captain Hans Hubner (Martin Beom).

The beginning of the new Gilerwald

After the knight scene the young guests return to health. There, on the edge, three oaks are planted “symbolic”, assures forest manager Harald Raquel – because the time for planting is not until autumn, and then only 1,000 + 1 Douglas fir, silver fir, porcupine, oak, and wild cherry trees . Sweet chestnuts and beech trees were brought to the land. Video artist Tobias Miele, of Planet for the Planet and who charted the evening’s Philharmonic concert, has arranged the campaign: €1 per ticket for new trees on Geller.

Harald Rackel, head of the two cooperatives Grund and Hofginsberg-Grund with a total of about 190 hectares of forest, gives figures: 350,000 cubic meters of hardwood were destroyed in Hilchenbach alone. As many as 15,000 trees are planted on four hectares in four to five days. “It’s a really tough job.” And when will Gillerwald return? In 20 to 30 years, says Harald Rakel, there will be trees about five meters tall again. The “new oaks” will be “harvested” within 150 years at the earliest, and most likely within 200 years. That’s when Kultur Pur, with its 52,000 inhabitants, suddenly becomes very small.

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