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As men approach their 80s, it is not uncommon for them to be a little calmer, a little more relaxed, or a little quieter. Not so Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood.


A large picture of Mick Jäger hangs in the VIP area of ​​the Olympic Stadium in Munich. It is part of a small exhibition of ancestors that shows who has performed there over the 50 years that the stadium is celebrating this year.

But on stage behind him, Jagger shows decades after this photo was taken that he has no place in his grandparents’ gallery.

The Rolling Stones are back: On Sunday evening, they’ll be holding Germany’s first two concerts at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, and – at least it seems – hardly anything of the strength of the younger years remains by the wayside. “It’s good to be back,” says Keith Richards.

For over two hours he, now 78, main player Jagger of the same age and band chick Ronnie Wood (75) swung around on stage with such energy that one band or another could learn a lesson from them.

Jagger talks about beer and bikini

“Servus Minga,” Jagger greets his audience in the local language—and later says in perfect German that he was in the English garden sipping a beer there. “We have a lot of fun in Munich,” he says. He had previously posted pictures of his beer and a real Munich tour on Instagram: Jagger in the beer garden, Jagger in Leopoldstrasse, Jagger in front of the opera house and in front of Friedensengel. “Greetings from Munich,” he wrote under a small video of him sipping a beer. The bikini-zone weather was there the day before, he said onstage — but: “There weren’t a lot of bikinis tonight.”

Due to a heavy thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain, the start of the concert was delayed. But soon after the Brits enter the theatre, the evening sun comes up a little and stays dry, at least as far as the rain is concerned.

Lead stones old classics

In the eyes of some fans, the movie sparkles here and there during the concert, which is not only energy, but also emotion – with many old songs like “Honky Tonk Women”, “Jumpin Jack Flash”, “Ruby Tuesday” and – in The ending – “(I can’t get) satisfaction.” For “Gimme Shelter” (Give Me Shelter), images of war and destruction in Ukraine are displayed under an Olympic tower illuminated in Ukrainian yellow and blue.

As with the start of their European tour to celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary a few days ago in Madrid, the Munich concert also kicked off with a tribute and many portraits of Charlie Watts, the band’s drummer, who died last year. “It’s our first European tour without Charlie,” Jagger says. “We will miss him very much.”

Is it the last round?

But not only the absence of Charlie Watts makes it an emotional evening for many fans. What if it was the last chance to see the stones on stage?

Shortly before the start of the anniversary tour, guitarist Ronnie Wood spoke in an interview about the possibility of the legendary rock band leaving the big stage. Wood told the Spanish edition of Esquire that he needs his full energy in the summer. “After all, we are facing the last round.” When asked what he meant by that, Wood backed down a bit. “Well, every round is the last. You never know what’s going to happen next.”

Sometime in the middle of the party, Jäger told fans of the band that it was the Stones’ 116th concert in Germany. “Thank you for coming back.” (dpa)

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