Rolling Stones party in Munich: culture rough, loud and snotty

First of all, in memory of Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stones drummer who passed away last August at the age of 80. To the beat of the drums, images of him are projected on the screen next to the stage at the Olympic Stadium in Munich: the drummer laughs, plays and plays with sticks, Charlie Watts young and old. Slim, classy guy who liked jazz a lot.

With a few riffs, provided by street fighter man, Keith Richards takes the stage and sets the tone for the evening – to hard rock and blues. Lead guitarist Ron Wood appears, as does Mick Jagger, who appears to be giving in to the audience with raised hands, clapping and flicking his feet to his throat.

On the road for 60 years

They are back, these three legends, it’s their first European tour since Corona, and Munich is the second place after Madrid last week. sixty is the name of the tour, because the band’s founding can be traced back to 1962, 60 years ago. They have a large number of accompanying musicians on board, but only the real Rolling Stones, as the person-centric choreography of the evening demonstrates these three – Jagger, Richards, Wood.

What can be expected of these horses who have long become legends as the greatest rock band in the world? Yes, age and physical condition are constant themes in the stones. They were there when the band members were still in their 70s or a bit younger. Now Mick Jagger will turn 79 in July, Richards will follow in December, and young Wood will turn 75 on June 1.

Elderly gentlemen are getting fitter and fitter than ever before. There will be no more drug and alcohol overuse, only iron training and nutrition plans that make the purely physical workload, that this show requires, possible. And the street fighter man It also defines the nature and direction of these contemporary gems: In the lyrics of the 1968 song, a young man describes the protests of the student movement – it’s time to become a street fighter. But in Sleepy London Nothing is going on in that direction, so he could just be a rock ‘n’ roll singer.

with Nineteenth nervous breakdown And the fallen dice flower The road to rock and blues fireworks continues. Built by Ron Wood, the small solos fit Keith Richard’s heavy riff perfectly. The music is urgent, fast and above all very risky, the sound is full and wide. Mick Jagger has trouble breathing during an ongoing gymnastics program, which he complements along with singing. oh oh oh He snores loudly and cleverly addresses this matter without wanting to hide it.

Not without my hat

In the playground with the curved, light partial tent roof and somewhat dilapidated interior, you can’t see the stones closely, they are too far away. Mick Jagger looks boyishly skinny as ever, and Keith Richards wears a gray hat and dark jacket throughout the prom.

What you don’t know are the faces of kids around the age of 80. The deep wrinkles that formed a real ragged mountain range in Keith Richard’s cheeks for so many years. But time and time again you can see some kind of smile or ever-blinking smile. Obviously, the guy is happy with what he is. Only Ron Wood continued to dye the hair brown and black.

Mike JaggerPhoto: dpa

Online fans voted to add their favorite song to the given list: Ruby Tuesday. The Stones have powerfully reinterpreted their 55-year-old song, an urgent love song with unconditional passion and compassion. so beautiful. In general, listening to the original recordings, one notices how narrow and dignified they are today – and in Munich the stones will show what can be made of these songs.

A few hours earlier, the success of the concert was under the guise of a flicker. Heavy rain, lightning and storms Upper Bavaria has been announced, so the start of the show has been pushed back by 75 minutes to 8.45pm. And then actually: Not a single drop, and that’s it Ruby Tuesday Can at least guess the pink sunset.

[Berliner Kiezkultur in den bezirklichen Newslettern vom Tagesspiegel, kostenlos bestellen unter]

Keith Richards sings two songs (links And the Slips). It wasn’t, but striker Mick Jagger clearly needs some breathing time. The crowd is surprisingly diverse. Among them is the rock veterans who pulled the Stones shirt from the bottom drawer of their closet. It is quite tight across the stomach, and appears to have shrunk during washing. But many young people are also attracted to the troupe. In any case, the main actors on stage are likely to be among the oldest players on the field.

Everything must go

After Jagger’s short break, the show moves into its second half with one, you should say, cracking rock history after another. I miss youAnd the start meAnd the Paint it blackAnd the Sympathy for SatanAnd the Jumpin’ Jack Flash – They knock everything, one by one. Full, plump, urgent. A tour through the history of rock music that only this band can offer. One hour Antiques, antiques. It’s easy to overlook the fact that Mick Jagger’s constant changing of peacock clothes now seems a bit awkward, as do his attempts to say a few sentences in broken German.

pre-compulsory (I can’t get no) Satisfaction As a final number that has been played for a long time Gimme’s Shelter Another high point. The wonderful duet with Jagger performed by absolute singer Sasha Allen. Gimme’s Sheltershouting at each other, give me shelter. But there is another line, repeated several times, which reads: War, kids, it’s just one shot – War is just one shot. Images of bombed Ukrainian cities can be seen on both screens. strong statement.

[Auf ihrer “Sixty”-Europatour geben die Rolling Stones bis Ende Juli 14 Konzerte. Nach München gibt es einen zweiten Auftritt in Deutschland, am 27. Juli in Gelsenkirchen]

Is this the last round of stones? After all, the two of them were born while World War II was still raging. Guitarist Ron Wood said recently that one could hear the end of Stones soon, but it was clearly left out after that. Mick Jagger’s words about how much they miss Charlie Watts suggest otherwise: They will, he says, be theirs now. First European tour without Charlie Manufacture. Keep in mind the first, not the last.

The older they got, the more emphatic topics such as purity and immortality were dealt with after the Stones’ performance. The band’s on a farewell tour and then retired late? No, this is an almost unthinkable idea. Young children like Elton John might do it this way at the age of 75. But a rolling stone remains a rolling stone until it dies.

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