Rare opportunity: Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport will be auctioned

Bugatti Chiron is officially sold out. Not all planned five hundred copies have yet been delivered, but it is simply no longer possible to go to the dealership and order a new Chiron – be it Sport, Pur Sport or Super Sport. This offer is even more interesting: on the US auction site, it brings 1500 horse Bugatti Chiron Power Sport Auction. price? Anything but a bargain!

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In Germany, the new base price of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, which was limited to 60 units, was 3.57 million euros. In the US, customers still have to transfer at least $3.69 million to Molsheim (France) if they want to connect with their Chiron Pur Sport. The first and only owner of this sample in exterior colors “Lake Blue” and “Bugatti Light Blue Sport” also requested some extras, some of which were very expensive.
Bugatti Chiron Power Sport

Stunning: Instead of the regular Chiron’s extendable wing, there’s a crowned XXL wing here that can’t be overlooked.

A look at the popular “window sticker” in the US reveals that blue brake calipers, for example, cost an extra $6,200 (5,800 euros), while EB emblems on the headrests cost $3,100 (€2,900) and blue seat belts $2,500 ( €2340) was available.

Exhaust pipes from a 3D printer in black are a bit more expensive at $15,000 (14,000 euros). The $60,000 (€56,000) “Pur Sport Interior Package” and the so-called “Skyview” glass roof that costs $62,000 (€58,000) more than the all-new Volkswagen Golf R gets really tough.

Extras worth more than 160,000 euros

The bottom line is that the previous new price added up to $3,871,500 or the equivalent of about 3,623,000 euros – although not asking for expensive options like a visible carbon finish. The two different shades of blue go well with the fairly simple interior in black leather/Alcantara with blue accents – generally a classic spec.

Bugatti Chiron Power Sport

Noble: Black cockpit with blue accents. Only Chiron Pur Sport has the pattern on the door panels.

By the way, anyone who thinks the Pur Sport is just a Chiron with the new rims And the big wing is totally wrong! The changes made to the Pur Sport are so extensive that it could pass as an entirely new car. The chassis, engine, transmission and design have been extensively improved. The Pur Sport press release states: “It is the most agile and at the same time the most agile Bugatti of the modern era.”

Pur Sport is 50 kg lighter than the Chiron

In general, Bugatti managed to save 50 kilograms in weight. That doesn’t sound like much for a car that’s still a whopping 1,980 kilograms, but the effort to make the savings is massive. The semi-soft patches are brand new and specially designed for pure sports Michelin Upgraded 2R Sports Cup. To go along with that, Bugatti recalibrated the chassis: the front springs are 65 percent stiffer, and the rear springs are 33 percent stiffer.

The carbon stabilizers are designed to reduce body roll, while the negative 2.5-degree camber is designed for better cornering performance. At the same time, the combination of tires and maximum camber reduces the maximum speed “only” to 350 km / h, making the Pur Sport the slowest of all Chirons.
Bugatti Chiron Power Sport

LIGHT: 20/21″ magnesium wheels deliver a total of 16kg of unsprung weight.

But Bugatti was not satisfied with the weight savings, the revision of the chassis and completely new tires, and therefore the W16 engine and massive transmission were also improved and adapted specifically to the Chiron Pur Sport application area. It is true that the nominal power remained at 1500 horse And 1600 Nm is the same on paper, but the top speed has been increased from 6700 rpm to 6900 rpm.

At the same time, the transmission has been reclassified and the ratio has been shortened by 15 percent, meaning the flex values ​​are said to be 40 percent higher than those of the Chiron. In numbers, this means the Pur Sport accelerates in sixth gear from 60 to 120 km/h about two seconds faster than the Chiron.

Bugatti has a clock length of only 771 kilometers

It is doubtful whether the first owner of the Chiron Pur Sport ever used full power, because the speedometer shows only 479 miles, which corresponds to about 771 kilometers. However, since each Bugatti car undergoes numerous tests on the test bench and on the road before delivery and the mileage is not beeped after that, most models from 300 to 600 km are delivered on it. So the owner shouldn’t drive his Chiron Pur Sport a lot.

Bugatti Chiron Power Sport

Classic: The first owner chose a Bugatti ‘two-split’ concept car in two different shades of blue.

So it’s no surprise that the Pur Sport is in top shape. You won’t find any signs of wear or damage here, and of course the supercar is accident free and repainting free. Bugatti in new condition. The sale price includes both the original aluminum case – containing the hood, charger and license plate holder made of carbon – and the noble carbon case containing the spare key, USB connection and book.

The highest bid is already higher than the new price

The auction is still running for a few days, but the current highest bid is $3.9 million or €3.65 million – thus slightly above the original price. But there is definitely something going on before the auction ends. That’s the price customers have to pay if they want to own a (almost) new Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport today. W: Opportunities like this don’t come around very often, because such compounds are usually secretly altered – that is, if they happen at all.

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