Pokémon GO: Adventure Week starts tomorrow

Adventure Week begins tomorrow, June 7, 2022 in Pokémon GO. You can look forward to many more deployments and rewards. At MeinMMO, we’ll show you what to expect from the event and the content you’ve unlocked as a super reward.

What is this event? After the end of the big GO Fest 2022, the next event begins right in Pokémon GO: the adventure week. In this you will mainly encounter rocks and fossils pokemon. But the event has more highlights in store for you:

  • Balgoras and Amarino start for the first time
  • Raids with Unown F
  • Hyper Bonus Limited Search Event
  • Additional rewards through the GO Festival reward

Below we have summarized what awaits you spawns, shines and rewards.

When is Adventure Week? Adventure Week starts on June 07, 2022 at 10:00 local time and runs until June 12, 2022 at 20:00 local time.

Everything is born and shown for Adventure Week

During Adventure Week, spawns mainly focus on rocks and fossil-type Pokemon. So you will encounter some of them in the wild, in raids but also from eggs 7 km long. Appropriately, two Dino-Pokémon Amarino and Balgoras celebrate their first in-game debut.

In the following overview you can see where you can find any monsters. All the Pokemon you can come across in their dazzling form, we’ve got you covered with one


Pokemon in the wild

  • As you already know from other events, spawns in the wild will be changed again during Adventure Week. Look for the following monsters:
  • Rhino *
  • ammonitas*
  • Kabuto *
  • Larvae*
  • Stolonior *
  • Lilip *
  • Anurit *
  • Cocodon *
  • Cheltrus*
  • guruk
  • Aerodactyl *


Pokemon from raids

And you can also meet one or another new raid boss in raid battles during the event period: raids
Pokemon Level 1 Raids
small rock *
Alola small stone*
Sham Tree*
Unknown F* Level 3 Raids
Potout *
wedge Level 5 Raids
Groudon * Huge raids

Mega Aerodactyl *

The Hyper Bonus you earned in GO Fest, Unown F has also been unlocked for level 1 raids. With a bit of luck, you can also encounter this in its dazzling form.

Pokemon from 7 km eggs

  • There are also some interesting Pokemon waiting for you in the 7-kilometer Eggs. Besides the two new monsters, Balgoras and Amarino, you can also meet Galapaflos and Flapteryx here:
  • Potout *
  • snail mag*
  • Cocodon *
  • Cheltrus*
  • Galapaflos *
  • flapteryx *
  • Balgoras


This is Amarino and Balgoras

During Adventure Week, you can meet Pokémon Amarino and Balgoras for the first time in Pokémon GO. Except for the mini event, these 7 km long eggs will either hatch or be obtained as rewards. Both monsters are dinosaur-like Pokémon from the sixth generation of games. Amarino:

Amarino is a Rock and Ice Pokémon. Its body is blue and has a yellow-pink crest above each large blue eye. Amarino can evolve into Amagarga. Balgoras:

On the other hand, Balgoras have a tan body with a white crest. Orange horns adorn her body on her head and tail. Rock and Dragon type Pokémon has a Monargora evolution.

All rewards and content from Adventure Week Hyperbonus

Of course, in addition to the numerous deployments, you can expect some rewards for Adventure Week. Above all, by accessing the global challenges during GO Fest 2022, I was able to expand the rewards for the event with the help of the super reward.

  • So you can look forward to the following special features during Adventure Week:
  • Double XP when you spin a PokéStop
  • x5 XP when you spin a PokéStop for the first time
  • Half-egg hatching distance
    • Field research for the event
  • Facing Amonitas *, Kabuto *, Aerodactyl *, Liliep *, Anorith *, Koknodon *, Schilterus *, Balgoras, Amarino, Galapaflos *, Flapteryx *
    • temporary search
  • Bonus: 3 free incubators
  • Limited Research Event

Enhanced AdventureSync Rewards (starting June 13, 2022)

Limited Quest Adventure Week mini event What is this mini event?

A special feature, which you got with the GO Festival Super Bonus, is a small event at the end of Adventure Week. Here you can look forward to limited search tasks.

Moreover, mutant eggs will be found in the wild. The new monsters Balgoras and Amarino are once again the focus and can also be obtained in the wild for the first time. You can also expect a special weather phenomenon when catching an Amarino.

You can meet them in the wild during the mini-event at the following times: times
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM and
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM and
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM


  • The following types are also waiting for you during the mini-event:
  • Digda *
  • Alula Dejda*
  • small rock *
  • Alola small stone*
  • onix *
  • Rhino *
  • Sham Tree*
  • Stolonior *

lithium * Special Bonus:

If you spin PokéStops during the mini event, you will receive a search for a limited time. These bring you encounters with two Pokémon Schilterus* and Koknodon*. When is the mini event held?

The mini-event will run on June 12, 2022 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

What do you think of Adventure Week spawns and rewards? Were you hoping to get other rewards by hitting the hyper-reward? Let us know in the comments on MeinMMO.

There’s still a lot to do in Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. We’ll show you all the events in June and the ones worth attending.

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