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“Irma Vep” is a miniseries that will likely premiere on Sky Ticket in September. We provide you with all the information about episodes, actors, plot, broadcast as well as the trailer.

The short series “Irma Vape” is a co-production of HBO And the A 24. It is based on the 1996 film of the same name directed by Olivier Assayas (“Carlos – the Jackal”). Assayas invented the series, wrote and directed it. Celebrate the world premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival (May 17-May 28, 2022) – the first three episodes screened there as a feature film. Here we tell you all the essential facts about “Irma Vep” and provide you with a trailer at the end.

Irma Vape: When does it start at Sky ticket?

sky Announced that the launch of “Irma Vape” is scheduled to take place in September 2022. Broadcasting is in progress Sky Atlantic And the Sky ticket And – on request – via Sky Q. Once we know the exact date, we will share that knowledge with you here.

Plot: What’s the “Irma Vape” theme?

American film singer Mira Harberg has lost all illusions about her career – she, too, is dealing with a recent breakup with her partner. It follows without much expectation Paris, to play the villainous Irma Phoebe in the remake of the silent French film Les Vampires. In the person of director Rene Vidal, she meets a former lover of all people. Emotions that you thought you had overcame a boil again.

Video: AFP

During the filming of the crime thriller “Irma’s Vape”, the boundaries between Mira and the character she plays became blurred. The lines between fantasy and reality, between authenticity and artificiality, between life and art – are increasingly blurring. As a result, the original cinematic vision of director Vidal was completely derailed.

Irma Vape” in Sky ticket: consequences of the series

The series contains eight one-hour episodes, of which only the titles of the first six episodes are known.

  1. severed head)broadcast date still unknown)

  2. “The Ring That Kills” (broadcast date still unknown)

  3. “Dead Man’s Escape” (broadcast date still unknown)

  4. “toxins” (broadcast date still unknown)

  5. “Hypnotic eyes” (broadcast date still unknown)

  6. “The thunder“(broadcast date still unknown)

  7. Die (broadcast date still unknown)

  8. Die (broadcast date still unknown)

Cast: Who are the cast of “Irma Vape”?

  • Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (“Danish girl”) as Mira Harberg
  • Lars Edinger (“Babylon Berlin”) in a supporting role – as Gottfried
  • Byron Powers as Hermann
  • Tom Sturridge as Eamonn
  • Adriatic sea Arjuna as Laurie
  • Vala Chen as Cynthia King
  • Carrie Brownstein as Zelda
  • Jane Ballbar as Zoe
  • Vincent McCain as Rene Vidal
  • Devon Ross as Regina
  • Vincent Lacoste as such Edmond Lagrange
  • Jess Liauden is like the devil
  • Nora Hamzawy as Carla
  • Hippolyte Girardot as Robert Dango
  • Alex Decas as such Gregory Desormo
  • Antoine Reinarts like Jeremy
  • Michel Clement as Larios
  • John Oliver Important Max – German journalist

Stream “Irma Vape” in Sky ticket

broadcast service Sky ticket It offers its users a program sky Flexible and without long knots. Customers have a choice of newer sky Origins, a series of partners like HBO And the show timecurrent cinema movies and live sports broadcasts from sky To stream on any terminal – all without a receiver. Sky ticket According to the provider, the “entertainment” of the series costs 7.49 euros in the first month – 9.99 euros after that. The Sky ticketThe cost of the “Entertainment and Cinema” version (here the films are added to the series) costs 9.98 euros in the first month – 14.98 euros after that. The Sky ticket can be canceled at any time. Price information is correct as of January 31, 2022.

“Irma Vape”: Trailer for sky-series

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