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Gareth Bale, as captain of the Welsh national team, must have imagined qualifying for the World Cup beautifully. He stood beaming at the winning photo, framed left and right by teammates and staff from the coaching and support team. In front of them in the box was a poster with the inscription “Diolch i’r Wal Goch” written in the local language, Thank you on the red wall! This means that the citizens of Cardiff City Stadium, which is packed with 32,660 spectators, created a lively atmosphere.

After the game’s end, fans sang his song “Yma o Hyd” with veteran actors and singer David Ewan – a masked nationalist fighting for his country’s independence. Translated, the 39-year-old piece means: I’m still here! The slogan is repeated 19 times in the four and a half minutes of singing; Every so often, 23 times, he just sings that Wells “in spite of everything and everything” is still there.

The lyrics of patriotic songs can also be applied in a similar style to the Welsh national team, which somehow still exists. Now, perhaps more so than ever, although it has in fact been consistently far away since 1958. This is how long it has been since Old Wales, with a population of about three million, was able to qualify for the World Cup. At that time, the nation lost to Brazil in the quarter-finals, and the winning goal was scored by a 17-year-old named Pele. Now, for the second time in history, the country has secured participation in a world championship with a shaky 1-0 victory over Ukraine. At the Desert World Cup in Qatar, which begins in November, Wales will complete Group Two, which already includes the United States, Iran and neighboring England. The duel between the British should be one of the highlights of the competition’s preliminary round.

In Madrid, they accused Bale of favoring Wales and golf

This Welshman’s upheaval is in particular due to the exceptional talent Bale, who, according to Evan’s anthem, is also still present as a professional footballer. This must be emphasized these days because Bale, who has not been accepted by his employer Real Madrid, whose contract there expires at the end of June, made only seven competitive matches last season. The striker is accused of always putting the national team (and golf) above his commitment to the club. Broken Madridists are likely to note that the injury-prone Bale, 32, can still play a vital role for Wales precisely because of his untapped ability at the club. In any case, he always managed to regain his fitness in time – he also appeared again in a duel with the Ukrainians.

Although Bale has played only 20 minutes since he scored a brace against Austria in the semi-finals in March (2-1), he has dictated nearly every attacking scene for his team in a duel with the Ukrainians. When Wales scored a free kick in the inner left position (goal distance 23 metres) in the 34th minute, all eyes turned to Bale, his country’s all-time leading scorer. The fans cheered as he approached, as the usual situation was reminiscent of his recently turned attempt against Austria.

Bill talks about “The Game of My Life”

This time, due to the unfavorable angle, Bale bet that his cross, thrown in the middle of the penalty area, would be deflected. And indeed it turned out as hoped: there are no teammates, but Ukraine captain Andriy Yarmolenko involuntarily turned the ball with his header to give Wales the winning goal. Yes, Bell later admitted it was the “game of my life” and “the greatest achievement” in Welsh football. His World Cup debut was the only missing piece of the mosaic in his career, a dream he’s been pursuing since his debut in May 2006. Executing the goal makes him “speechless”, and his feelings “cannot be described in words”. Collective magazine Sun He commented on it, nodding to his name: “Incredi Bell” – unbelievable!

In addition to his five Champions League titles, which he won with Real Madrid in nine years, he now has a successful World Cup stint, something his compatriots Ryan Giggs, Ian Rush, Dean Saunders and Mark Hughes have enjoyed. The teeth are slightly outside. After the final whistle, Bale, who had been substituted before, ran aimlessly on the field, tossing his jacket during his sprint and then throwing himself at longtime teammate Aaron Ramsey. The two, about the same age, lead their heralded as Generation Miracle, which thrillingly made it to the semi-finals of Euro 2016. Ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s 70th jubilee this weekend, Bale was honored with an equestrian medal for his services.

Reportedly, the prospect of the 2022 World Cup has prevented Bale from considering retiring early. The loss to Ukraine would have been Bale’s last competitive match. So he announced that he would definitely add a season. And Bell joked that he would delay his farewell “a little”, flirting with “a large number of offers” already. There is also speculation about a return to his hometown of Cardiff, where local club Cardiff City plays in England’s second-tier Championship. Whichever club Bale eventually chooses to join (if any), it is likely that his commitment will revolve around the World Cup – the culmination of his career.

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