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A look at the Morris Koerner crime scene

Sometimes it’s worth looking back: The Dresden crime scene got off to a good start in 2016. The first episodes are designed as gruesome — and a real disaster from the viewer and critic’s perspective. The thrillers “Auf ein Schlag” or “Der König der Gosse” (King of rock bottom) reached a level of infamy barely seen at the crime scene. Even after that, the Dresdeners didn’t really start: Aloara Hovels, who played Inspector Henny Sealand, threw in the towel. With challenging thrillers like “Das Nest” (2019), the tide has been turned in time. Since then, Dresden residents have continued to amaze them with their fascinating detective stories.

Perhaps this boosted self-confidence so much that the editors in charge again dared approach grotesque, that is, a representation of a distorted reality that combines horror and comic features in a seemingly paradoxical way. In the “Cold House” an “important” businessman from Dresden misses his wife. Instead, there is a lot of blood shed in the luxurious and elegant villa. Detective Karin Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski) follows her intuition and wants to know that something is wrong with the entrepreneur.

Christian Baer portrays Simon Fischer as a psychopath and proves that people other than Lars Eidinger can play crazy men. And while he’s becoming more and more suspicious and appears on screen a lot, his view of things tends to stay in the mist, which doesn’t hurt the excitement in any way. Instead, writer and director Ann Zahra Brashed focuses on the investigators’ perspective – and as a result we learned more from Chief Inspector Gornak. She is an indirect victim of childhood violence experience: her father beat her mother. And that, after all, is what “Cold House” is all about.

But the problem isn’t just for Fisher, who lives to the fullest of his toxicity. The case seems to be more complicated, as evidenced by the example of a prevailing video clip of the couple. The whole relationship seems to be poisoned. But only wife and influencer Catherine realizes this and is looking for a way out, which, of course, seems illogical. Without a corpse and traces, it would be difficult to bring the husband to prison. In general, the thriller and crime story looks quite artificial in large parts. However, it delivers show value and shines with an exciting showdown. Martin Brambach is once again responsible for the humorous part in his role as the cutesy superhero Peter Michael Schnabel, who, unlike the first episodes, is becoming a thing of the past. It is a nice interview for the wives of ruthless detectives.

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