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44 years old HSV – Bernd Weimer is the epitome of club loyalty. He stayed with the club first as a player, then as sporting director and team manager and now as vice president. Despite its advantages, it does not push it forward. On Monday, he celebrated his seventieth birthday.

The current football generation of Hamburg SV did not give the Hereford-born player an early gift for his day of honor. after, after Relegation lost to Hertha Berlin, his team faces HSV fifth year in the second German Bundesliga. “It was not enough in the end. Now we are making a new attempt,” says the longtime professional combatively. Despite not the fourth upgrade in a row, the development is still good. “I’ve recently seen how powerful and attractive HSV is.”

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Wehmeyer in the shadows of stars like Magath and Keegan

He himself has contributed much to the influence, allure and special stature of HSV in football Germany to this day – as an important part in the glorious times of the late 1970s to the 1980s with tournaments and winning the 1983 European Cup as a highlight. The stars were different at that time: Kevin Keegan, Felix Magath, Manfred Kaltz, goalkeeper Ole Stein or Horst Hrubesch, who was once nicknamed “Fammelmeyer” due to annoyance during training and from whom became Weimer’s nickname “Famel”.

His role in the shadow of fan idols did not cause him any problems. “I’ve been fortunate to be part of a great team,” Wehmeyer says. “I saw myself as a player in the team. That was good for me. I don’t need the spotlight.”

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Horst Hrobsch and Dietmar Jacobs with the European Champions Cup

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Via Bielefeld and Hannover 96 to HSV

Wehmeyer was born on June 6, 1952 in Hereford, East Westphalia. He played football as a child and youth from 1958 to 1971 at SV Sundern 08, a village club in the Herford area. At that time there were no mini academies of professional clubs. Talent was not recognized until late. Armenia Bielefeld didn’t get it until she was 19. His path to HSV led him via Hannover 96 in 1978 – a lifelong connection began. “I couldn’t have imagined it at the time,” Weimeyer says. “It was not in my plan.”

One of the best Bundesliga players under Abel

His original plan was to eventually return to East Westphalia and become a teacher. But this did not happen despite the completion of my studies. His time at HSV was very successful with three German championships and a European Cup win. He found his rightful place in the team when legendary coach Ernst Abel took over the team. The Austrian used Wehmeyer’s running power and retrained him from winger to left-back. In this position he became one of the best players in the Bundesliga.

“I’m surprised I’m already 70. Time doesn’t stand still. The older I get, the more the world races.”
Bernd Weimer

However, it was not enough for an international career. “I would definitely have played one or the other internationals for the seniors, but I decided to be selected for the Olympics and to participate in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles,” Wehmeyer explains. “A decision I did not regret.”

Has been in charge of HSV since 1996

In 1986, after 183 Bundesliga matches with HSV, his professional career ended – and the relationship remained. He worked as a representative for a sporting goods manufacturer for ten years and was in frequent contact with his heart club. After that he worked directly at Volkspark again: first as sports director, and then since 1998 as team manager. Tasks he tended to work on in the background – in keeping with his nature. Even on his 70th birthday, he didn’t feel like throwing a big party. The guest list can be read as “Who’s Who” from HSV Cosmos.

After his wife Almuth unexpectedly passed away in early October 2019, he didn’t feel like a big party. He went out to dinner with his two sons, his adopted son, and his three grandchildren. He had been married to his wife since 1993. Together they were welcome at social events in the Hanseatic city. Despite the fate, he does not want to sue. “I’m fine so far,” he says. “I’m surprised I’m already 70. Time doesn’t stand still. The older I get, the more the world races.”

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HSV midfielder Jimmy Hartwig holding the championship trophy | © picture-alliance / Sven Simon

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