Best streaming services for sports fans

Goal celebrations and cheers are no longer available only with a Sky subscription. But which live streaming service is worth getting started with Football, Formula 1 & Co.? TECHBOOK provides an overview.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Bundesliga, the Champions League or the English Premier League: hardly any sport in Germany attracts more of an audience in front of a screen than a round leather. Sky in particular has benefited greatly from football fans in recent years, after all, sports subscriptions have always been the undisputed driving force of the pay-TV provider. In the meantime, there is strong competition and that too in other sports. But what are the best sports broadcasting services? We looked at the subscriptions that give you the most sports for your money.

Football and Formula 1

If you really want to watch all the major professional leagues from the German Bundesliga and Champions League to the English Premier League and First Division, you can’t avoid Sky and DAZN. Which also illustrates the problem: Meanwhile, the rights to the league are no longer owned by just one provider, driving up prices accordingly.

A monthly Supersport ticket, which can be canceled monthly, costs just under 30 euros, and the same amount is added again for DAZN. In turn, the DFB Cup and even the second tier are included in addition to all Formula 1 races – measured in terms of scope and quality, the amount is still exorbitant. Especially since there are also additional costs for a DSL or cable internet connection.

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American sports: NFL, NBA, MLB and Co.

American sports, from basketball to baseball to soccer, are increasingly popular in this country. However, Sky isn’t always the first choice here, if you ignore the NHL Ice Hockey League or the Golf PGA Tour. Matches of the National Basketball Association (NBA) as well as the UFC and the NFL Football League can be found continuously on DAZN, including baseball from the MLB Network. Here you will find, among other things, match scenes, highlights and analysis of more than 30 teams.

Within the scope of all MLS sports, DAZN is indispensable. There are also savings opportunities if you choose the annual subscription or prepay. The best American sports streaming service remains Sky and above all DAZN, despite the partially restricted offer.

Winter sports, cycling and tennis

Eurosport in particular is a good address for tennis and cycling lovers. Here you get an insight into important events such as the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia. The station also reports on major tennis tournaments such as the ATP or the French Open. The live streaming service DAZN is showing the Australian, French and US Open equally this year.

The topic of winter sports is also not neglected, in this regard Eurosport is devoted to ski jumping, alpine skiing and biathlon, among others. Another highlight is the Four Hills Figure Skating Championships, which is always held at the end of the year in Germany and Austria and has been very popular for decades. This year, both ARD and ZDF broadcast two competitions, Eurosport has shown all four competitions and their associated qualifying competitions.

Wrestling is a special case

WWE operates its own streaming service, WWE Network, which is also available in Germany. All live events including Wrestlemania will be shown there. Plus weekly access to premiere events like NXT, as well as documentaries, reality shows, and original series. Also included are SmackDown Raw and Friday Night.

However, it remains to be seen if the offer will still be available in the future. In the USA, WWE is now working on their Peacock streaming service, which is available in that country via Sky. WWE Network is $9.99 per month. The price varies depending on the conversion rate in euros.

Other National Championships

At MagentaSport from Deutsche Telekom, fans get access to a wide range of sports. There, at a monthly price of 16.95 euros without a contract period or a communications contract, there is, among other things, the third German Bundesliga and all matches in the German Ice Hockey League Penny DEL. MagentaSport is also particularly interesting for basketball fans who are less interested in the NBA than the German teams. The streaming service shows matches from the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga and the MagentaSport BBL Cup. In addition, Bonn residents advertise via FC Live. In terms of low price, MagentaSport is definitely an interesting addition to well-known streaming services.

What sports streaming service is worth it?

It is not easy to find the best sports streaming services. However: Sky and DAZN remain unbeatable in premium sports, but this is also reflected in the price. At just under 30 euros per month, both services are quite expensive and, in principle, not worth it for casual users.

MagentaSport is more of a niche product, but with a wide selection and is relatively cheap. There are also a lot of women’s football matches that you can see there. It will be interesting to see if the content from the WWE will also end permanently with Peacock in Germany, initially there were only films and series there. In any case, such a move would once again significantly boost Sky Sports’ offerings.

If you prefer watching tennis, cycling and especially winter sports, Eurosport is the place for you. In the end, choosing the right streaming service for sports fans primarily depends on who likes to watch what and how much money they are willing to spend on it.


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