Athletes in Bamberg support new children and youth hospice with “Star Tent Run”

Charity runs “Star Tent Run” on May 28 and 29, 2022 at Fox Park

All night long for a good reason

Mayor Jonas Glossenkampf after running the race. Photo: Sam Schaudenst

It works 24 hours a day for a good cause – that was The main idea In the “Star Canopy Run” In the Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May 2022 In the Bamberg Fox Park Stadium. This was the beneficiary of the event Hospice for children and young peoplewhich is in Bamberg Currently under construction. More than 4700 km It was the grand total that brought all the participants together on the track, and therefore, along with donations from the Bamberg companies, they united Almost five numbers It happened for a good reason.

“I’m totally soaked!” Daniel Duber, Co-Organizer, Supervisor, Runner and Future One of the Leading Physicians The Children and Youth Hospice was on site for a full 24 hours at Fuchs Park Playground. “What the athletes have achieved here cannot be described in words.”

Children's and Youth Center Bamberg

Congratulations from Secretary of State Melanie Hummel to the overall winner, Elke Berlep. Photo: Sam Schaudenst

overall winner was with incredible Distance 184.4 km Elk Berleep From LG Veitenstein. on me place 2 Follow Rita Gottlooper with 156.8 km Before Dominic Munch with 151.2 km. In the relay, Böhnlein Sports beat LG Veitenstein (238 km) and “Pediatricians Bamberg” (207.2 km) by 258 km.

Children's and Youth Center Bamberg

Running 24 hours continuously. A short rest on the massage bench before continuing. Photo: Sam Schaudenst

However, at the end of the day, it was all the participants, and above all the children and youth of Bamberg who were the real winners of the All Star Tent Run. This was also confirmed by the second mayor of Bamberg Jonas Glosenkampwho not only gave the start signal to run, but also completed a few kilometers on the track himself, “sponsored” by the managing director BI-LOG Herbert Trunk, who “received a silver medal” for every kilometer the mayor runs. “I am pleased with the incredible commitment of all the participants. You are not only doing something good for yourself, but above all for people whose fate has not been so kind.

The “Star Tent Run” is supported by the Hospice for Children and Youth, which is currently under construction and is supposed to be completed by mid-2023. Because health insurance companies only partially cover costs incurred while staying in hospice, the nursing home in Bamberg is based on Urgent donations.

Children's and Youth Center Bamberg

Mayor Jonas Glossenkamp (R) with “The Godfather” Heribert Trunk and his wife. Photo: Sam Schaudenst

In addition to Jonas Glüsenkamp, ​​many other characters were on the road for the good cause. Wolfgang Haidermulti-functional in matters of sports and politics as seriously fundraising as the previous German half-marathon champion Lenny Schaumburg-Heck. In addition, there were many Bamberg Company Such as Fuchs Bakery, Böhnlein Butcher, Denscheilmann + Wellein, Stadtwerke, Wieland or Heller-Bräu Feel free to participate in the race with in-kind donations. In total, there were approximately 150 active people drawn to the track within 24 hours.

The last countdown on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m., performed by Secretary of State Melanie HummelThere is hardly anything else to add: “What the entire organizational team has achieved here is second to none. Bamberg clubs and athletes side by side have shown what binds society together. Standing together for those in need of help. Thank you so much for such a wonderful event,” said Melanie Hummel. .

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