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Unsurprisingly, Apple also introduced the new operating system for iPhones at the start of WWDC 2022 today, which we can download from the fall. We take a look at all the innovations just introduced and the changes we can expect. One thing is for sure: in the end, there were some exciting features!

Interesting in advance: The main live stream has begun with the introductory video, while Tim Cook and Craig Federighi appeared earlier. However, only a few guests and developers who were invited to Apple Park in person saw this. However, only a pre-shoot stream will be shown on site. He and Tim Cook started sharing some updates on Apple’s efforts to support the developer community. Picture bullshit as always. The fact of defending monopoly, which generates billions in profits and destroys competition, is not worth mentioning.

Craig Federighi was the guy who took us back through what’s new in the keyword. In addition, iOS was the first system to be featured in the keyword. And of course it’s iOS 16! Craig was in the Steve Jobs scene! According to Craig, the update should be about the lock screen, sharing options, and more.

iOS 16: The new lock screen

iOS 16 is said to bring the “biggest lock screen update” ever.

  • The new lock screen is fully customizable: colors, fonts, time, widgets and more
  • Multiple lock screens can now also be created, depending on time, location or focus
  • A long press on the lock screen opens the personalization menu where the size, colors, and fonts can be modified
  • widgets similarly. Yes finally! However, the widgets are optional “full screen” and really have nothing to do with the widgets on the home screen
  • Widgetkit: Developers can access these possibilities
  • Notifications: Update another notification. This is now swipe from the bottom and no longer covers the screen
  • Live Activities: These gadgets can show, for example, upcoming Ubers, sporting events or playing music

iOS 16: Focus Mode

  • The lock screen is now also set to focus
  • Different lock screens that have nothing to do with the rest
  • The new focus is now also implemented in apps. For example in Messages, Mail or third party apps using Focus API

iOS 16: Messages, Dictation, and Direct Text

  • Finally: the news will modifiable And you can even delete it. And that’s before Twitter. Fabulous!
  • newsletter It can be unread . is marked
  • SharePlay not only works in FaceTime, but now also works in iMessage
  • SharePlay can now share multiple apps at the same time
  • New Dictation now works ‘on device’It recognizes emojis and can use it while you type. As a combination of writing and speaking, so to speak
  • Periods and commas are set automatically in longer messages
  • The new dictation also works with Siri
  • New Live Text now works in videos of all kinds
  • With the new “Quick Actions” text can be translated directly
  • Live Text API: Developers can access it directly and do the whole thing
  • Visual search: Introduced in iOS 15, and now it’s getting better: for example, you can drag and drop photos directly into iMessage

iOS 16: Wallet

  • 11 new US states will get a driver’s license in Wallet
  • In-app verification Age and birthday must come: apps then know you’re over 18, but not your birthday
  • Sharing keys: You can now share wallet keys via mail or even in other non-Apple-exclusive ways
  • Apple Pay on iPhone: iPhone expands as a payment terminal
  • New Apple Pay laterPayments can be divided into 4 payments over 6 weeks without interest
  • Apple Pay Later works wherever Apple Pay works
  • Apple Pay order tracking: Orders can now also be viewed in the Wallet app. Shopify should already be supported.

iOS 16: Maps

  • New maps are coming in 11 new countries including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, France, Israel, New Zealand and more
  • Map routes can now have more stops
  • New mapKIT: Developers can access new detailed maps. For example, an e-scooter manufacturer who wants to display their scooters in the new 3D map

(By the way, everything is a lot like preparing for augmented reality and glasses)

  • Look Around on Maps

iOS 16: Sports news, news

  • The Apple TV app now gets live sports scores and sports scores
  • In the news app, you can set your favorite team and get a summary of all the news
  • News and TV syncs your favorites
  • USA, UK, Australia and Canada are supported

iOS 16: Family Features

  • It gets easier: Parents can control their children’s accounts
  • New age limits can be set for each app
  • Kids can request more screen time through iMessage
  • Parent’s iPhone and child’s iPhone communicate directly upon shutdown. Therefore, setting up a child’s iPhone is very simple: the parent’s iPhone is nearby and then the new setup process begins

iOS 16: iCloud Photo Sharing

  • New shared albums in photos always updated
  • When taking photos, you can even choose who should get the photos directly. For example on a trip
  • Everything works automatically too: for example a camping trip with 3 friends and everyone always gets all the photos everyone takes

iOS 16: Privacy – New ‘Security Check’

  • Updates for your personal safety, called a “security check”
  • Apple targets violent relationships
  • One-click Emergency Reset automatically stops shared sites, passwords, and more
  • So Messaging, FaceTime, and more are restricted, giving you full control again as relationships change
  • Apple says “iOS helps you stay safe”

iOS 16: Other

New Memoji options are coming, as well as iPad Quick Notes. We’ll group other innovations just mentioned by Apple separately.

Hence, Apple talked about new features in the home and your car. But Valentine summarized it for you in the next article! Thanks for reading our WWDC coverage! 🙂

Which of the new features are your favorite updates?

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