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The Ukrainian national team, unfortunately, missed the opportunity to participate in the World Cup. After the defeat in Wales, matters of sport quickly went downhill.

Alas, Oleksandr Petrakov addressed the world with touching words. “You know what’s happening in Ukraine now. The war is raging all over the country,” the Ukraine national team coach said with an almost petrified expression after he missed qualifying for the World Cup.

“Every day children and women die. The Russian barbarians have destroyed our entire infrastructure.” Football soon gave way to more important issues after the 1-0 draw against Wales in the final.

“The Russians want to harm us, but the Ukrainians are resisting,” said Petrakov. “We are defending our country. We just want your support.”

Ukrainian winger Oleksandr Zinchenko asked Manchester City, like his coach, for help and unity. “We have to stop the war. Because today is Ukraine, and tomorrow it can be your country. You don’t know. Everyone wants to live in peace,” the 25-year-old said on beIN Sports.

An own goal ends hope in the World Cup

Zinchenko and his former teammates gave everything they had to dream of participating in the Qatar World Cup in an exciting match of more than 90 minutes. Ukraine was superior, had more chances and lost through a special goal in everything.

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Captain Andrei Yarmolenko sent Wales star Gareth Bale a direct free kick in the 34th minute under the constant Cardiff rain. After the match, the ex-Dortmund player buried his face in his hands and a little later applauded his thanks to the fans in the far building for cheering them on. His classmates were crying.

There was cheering applause from the Welsh side, who were celebrating their first World Cup appearance in 64 years. Ukrainian professionals, many of whom have not played for the club since the beginning of the war, showed great determination, commitment and accuracy in football in the two play-offs. The enormous pressure such as the sporting hopes of their fellow countrymen were not evident to them on the pitch. Petrakov dedicated the 3-1 win in the semi-finals in Scotland to the home soldiers.

In Ukraine it will be held again soon

Ukrainian football legend Andriy Shevchenko tweeted his pride in the blue and yellow players. “You have proven that no matter what, we will always fight to the end and always be together,” the 45-year-old wrote. “Not everything in life is determined by the result. Glory to Ukraine!” At the last European Championship, Shevchenko was still in charge of the team as a coach.

Despite the war, football will soon be played again in Ukraine. The National Football Association wants the championship to resume in August.

“I spoke to President Zelensky about the importance of football as a distraction,” federation president Andrei Pavlko told the Associated Press. Football has so much power that people in Ukraine can believe in the future once again. Play in the Premier League was suspended on February 24. Pavelko also spoke to the FIFA and UEFA chiefs to find a safe way for the country’s national teams to host their home matches, The Associated Press reported.

His next home matches will be played by a select group in Poland. After Wednesday’s game away in Ireland, Petrokov’s side will play Armenia and then Ireland again in the Nations League in Lodz.

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