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The Wave Gothic scene can be based on a loyal fan community. After breaking Corona for two years, worship was celebrated in black again on Pentecost weekend in Leipzig. Emotions prevailed in front of the stage and on stage.


Renaissance of the black spectacle: Some 15,000 fans from Germany and abroad made the pilgrimage to Leipzig for the 29th Wave-Gotik- Treffen (WGT) on Pentecost weekend, breathing life into the festival once again after a two-year pandemic break.

“Great joy and relief everywhere,” festival spokesman Cornelius Brach said of Monday’s closing. You can experience a lot of emotions with the bands and spectators. “The artists have tears in their eyes because they were able to perform in front of a large audience again after such a long time,” Brach of DPA said. “The fans were also happy that they were finally able to see their stars again.” .

Big family reunion

According to Brach, for many people, WGT is a big family reunion. “Some of them had not seen each other in three years. They were grateful and relieved to be able to see each other’s faces and smile again without a mask,” a festival spokesperson said. The ability to experience normalcy was the highlight for many visitors. Brach attributed the fact that not many fans come from abroad to the relatively short preparation time. Not many people had a chance to get cheap airline tickets or hotel beds after all restrictions were lifted. However, regular fans from Mexico, USA and Colombia, for example, can also be welcomed.

There was one highlight at the start: the “Victorian Picnic” in Clara Zetkin Park. The scene gives the people of Leipzig the opportunity to become a part of the festival and mingle with the “weird characters” of the scene. According to Brach, about 12,000 people came to the park. Traditionally, there is no fixed dress code for the picnic, but many visitors dress up for hours and walk around the park in Baroque attire. “It’s seeing and seeing,” said Manuela of Leipzig, who sat with her husband Mike under the “traditional tree” in the park for the eighth time. They wore baroque dresses made by a tailor against four figures.

firmly in the scene

About 200 bands and artists have created the WGT at about 50 locations in the city. Next year, the festival wants to celebrate its 30th birthday, then hopes to attract more fans from faraway countries. The meeting began in 1992 with 2,000 like-minded people and eight bands attending. After the initial suspicion, she firmly entrenched herself in the scene. According to the organizers, the WGT is the largest event of its kind in Europe. (dpa)

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