World of Warcraft’s latest patch shows just how good the game is

The latest version of World of Warcraft is small – yet it has changed a lot. For WoW demon Cortyn, this is the beginning of a new standard.

The World of Warcraft 9.2.5 update arrived on the servers last Wednesday and brought with it a lot of small but good content, some of which even remained hidden from the eyes of data miners.

To be perfectly honest, I sorted the patch up front as “nice to have”. A series of really insignificant small changes, which basically bring the data for the fourth season, so that Dragonflight’s wait time is not completely dry.

But I was wrong. While Patch 9.2.5 is still not a huge thing on paper, it has drastically changed my in-game experience.

Above all, the prospect of multiparty groups turned out to be more serious than I had thought in the first few days. To be honest, the feature wasn’t that important to me. I usually play with a fixed group anyway, so being able to invite players from the other faction was secondary to me.

In battle together – more freedom and more old friends to do things with.

But to be honest, I underestimated the number of people on my friend list who felt differently. How many friends do I have in The Other Faction who are now really happy to be invited and taken with them. It opens up a lot of new possibilities and after only a few days I was able to have conversations with some guys and complete cases that I didn’t have much to do. It really brought a breath of fresh air to my social experiences in World of Warcraft.

I now play more twinks, do mixed groups with players from both factions, and sometimes throw myself into low-level dungeons instead of just checking my weekly M+15.

And if we’re really honest: access to social interactions is definitely easier and more effective on World of Warcraft. On the other hand, the argument for “but factional conflict” loses out completely. You can still stand in the Trade Channel screaming and yelling “WoW will be utterly destroyed if Horde and Alliance are now peace pies in the game”.

Quite frankly? No no.

No one is forced to join such groups. If you, as a crowd in the alliance, still want to “silence”: let’s go, no one will stop you. But for a fairly large portion of the player base, it should be much more important to be able to play with friends with whom you wouldn’t have done anything else. This did not break World of Warcraft. It made the game better because I had more incentives and opportunities to play with more people.

Hides the snowstorm better, brings more surprises

But not only do I love pure content, I also love that Blizzard is getting better and better at hiding this content. Although data experts were able to gather some clues beforehand that pointed to the launch of the “Dark Rangers,” none of it was concrete.

What’s also interesting is that the entire Lordaeron and Dark Ranger unlock mission line was not available in PTR. This is rarely the case in World of Warcraft. If the blizzard “blocks” such tasks, then these are usually only “talk to X” tasks, in which one hardly finds any errors. But Lordaeron’s mission line consists of dozens of missions with different missions and even vehicular battles. The fact that this line of research is fully functional and without errors gives hope.

There was a great cinematic between Calia and Lilian Voss at the end of the mission line:

WoW Cinematic: Lilian and Calia talk about their future with Forsaken

I hope Blizzard now has an in-house testing team that works efficiently and eliminates bugs on a large scale. At the same time, it also gives hope that developers are getting better at “hide content from players” so that details or tasks can still be found in the patch a day or weeks later.

It feels great to log in on patch day and not yet know that all the secrets have been decrypted by Dataminer beforehand. This not only keeps the game fresh, but also provides nice surprises during gameplay, which has a positive impact on the entire climate around World of Warcraft.

Patch 9.2.5: A good sign for Dragonflight

I think Blizzard and World of Warcraft are on a very good path with patch 9.2 and 9.2.5. If these two updates are any indication of improvements to expect in Dragonflight, I’m really excited and look forward to discovering many small details that haven’t been seen before in beta or through data tools.

In the past I’ve always known what to expect in a patch, except for maybe a movie or two. I’m really happy that more content can now be ‘hide’.

How do you see that?

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