Ukraine fail: Wales qualifies for the World Cup

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Intense World Cup Qualifiers: Wales vs Ukraine. © IMAGO / Sportimage

Ukraine will not go to Qatar in the 2022 World Cup. Wales prevail in the qualifiers. A former BVB player becomes unlucky. The game is in the tape to read.

  • Wales leads to world Cup of football: Ukraine loses 0-1 in Cardiff.
  • bitter own goal Across YarmolenkoDortmund exit scores the wrong goal.
  • Final game World Cup qualifiers in a tape to read.

Update from June 5th at 8:15 pm: Synopsis: Ukraine will miss the World Cup in Qatar. The war-torn country’s national team lost 0-1 (0-1) to Wales in Cardiff on Sunday night.

Andrey Yarmolenko, a former BVB player, was the unlucky guy in the game. The former Borussia Dortmund striker threw the ball into his team’s goal after a free kick (34th minute). As a result, Man City star Oleksandr Zinchenko and his teammates failed to score. Wells, on the other hand, left the best chances for an initial decision. In the end, Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) and the Welshman managed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1958.

World Cup Qualifiers: Wales 1-0 Ukraine (1-0)

Wales lineup: Hennessy-Ampadu, Rodon, B. Davies-C. Roberts, Ramsay, Allen, N.; Williams (90 + 3 Norrington Davis), Bill (83 Wilson), James (71 Johnson) – Moore
Ukraine squad: Buchan – Karavaev, Zabarny, Matvienko, Mykolenko – Stepanenko (70 Sidorchuk), Yarmolenko, Malinovsky (Shabarenko 70), Zinchenko, Tsygankov (77 Modric) – Yarimchuk (77 Duvbek)
gates: 1-0 Yarmolenko (34 minutes / goal)

Wales go to the World Cup: Ukraine lose 0-1 in Cardiff

90 min + 6: Game over! Wales goes to Qatar for the World Cup – not Ukraine.

90 min + 3: Ukraine does not necessarily end anymore. The game is about to end – and the World Cup dream is over.

90 minutes: Five minutes of extra time.

89 min: A massive mood in Cardiff. The fans keep pushing their team forward. But Wales is only concerned with defence. Ukraine is going frantically – and in vain so far.

84 min: A big chance for Ukraine! Duvbeck fails at close range with a header to goalkeeper Hennessy. Great job from the goalkeeper! This could have been the balance.

83 min: The change in Wales: Replaces Wilson Bell.

77 minutes: a double substitution for Ukraine: Modric on Tsygankov and Dovbek on Yarimchuk.

76th minute: A big double chance for Wales! First, Johnson puts the ball off the post. Then Bale failed from close range to goalkeeper Buchan, who defends very well. Time is running out in Ukraine.

71 minutes: The change in Wales: Johnson plays for James. The young striker has just been promoted to the Premier League with Nottingham Forest.

Ukraine is late in Wales: a double change of guests

70 minutes: a double substitution for Ukraine: Shabarenko replaces Malinovsky and Sidorchuk replaces Stepanenko.

66 min: Malinovskyi has a good chance. The guard goes from a distance of a meter next to the right column. The man from Atalanta Bergamo tears his hair.

64th minute: Wales are now in their own half. Ukraine makes the game but it can’t get past the British fort.

59 minutes: Dangerous!! Once again, Zinchenko begins the attack. Tsygankov stuck in the penalty area for Yarmolenko, who barely overlapped.

Ukraine pushes for tie: Tsygankov fails at close range

56 min: A big chance for Ukraine! Guests make the game fast. Zinchenko plays to Yarmolenko on the left, who puts the ball straight across. Tsygankov finished first but was blocked by goalkeeper Hennessy, who responded brilliantly and deflected the ball with his foot.

54th minute: Ramsey comes dangerously in front of goal again. He is very present. Topped his shot after a diagonal ball. Wells in trigger after changing sides.

48 minutes: A great opportunity for Wales! It can be the initial decision. James sends Moore down the alley. The striker crossed into the penalty area. Ramsey hits the ball and shoots it off the right post.

46 minutes: The World Cup qualifiers continue. There are no changes on either side.

Ukraine lagging behind: Wales advances into World Cup qualifying break

45 min + 2: A break in Cardiff! Wells goes to the locker room with a lead.

45 minutes: 2 minutes of extra time. Is there anything left for Ukraine in the first half?

40 min: Yarmolenko falls inside the penalty area. Once again, the Ukrainians broke the chain of five fastball players. Allen does not cut a good character in the scene. BUT: The referee does not indicate the point that it may not have been enough for a penalty kick.

Wales takes the lead: Ukraine’s bitter own goal by ex-BVB star Yarmolenko

34th minute: A goal! Wales 1-0 Ukraine, top scorer: Yarmolenko (reverse goal). Strange goal! Bell hits a sharp free kick on goal. Yarmolenko flies like a scorer and shoots the ball into his own net. The former Dortmund will have to stay away. This is how the British take the lead, despite Ukraine winning the match.

28 minutes: Once again the offside whistle. Good walking trail at the rear. Tsygankov goes to the goal, but does not hit the decent ball. There could have been more…

min 23: Karavaev with a chance! Ukraine makes a quick match on the left. Sharp ball to the back column. But the Dynamo Kyiv winger did not hit the ball correctly. Its margin is blocked.

18 minutes: First chance for the British. Ramsey brings the ball to the six yard area. Goalkeeper Buchan is swaying and can’t catch the ball. But the Ukrainians marginalized the Welsh. Take a deep breath with the guests.

12 minutes: A big chance for Ukraine! Yaremchuk passes and tests the goalkeeper with a low low shot. Hennessy applauds the ball forward again. It doesn’t seem safe yet.

Ukraine result: But the goal against Wales does not count

8 minutes: Ukraine’s next chance. Hennessy dives in and has the ball. But he could have let the ball go wide. The goalkeeper is currently missing some match training.

3 minutes: The ball’s in the goal! But the hit does not count. Zinchenko takes a direct kick from the free kick, while goalkeeper Hennessy puts his wall. However, the referee has not released the match yet.

3 minutes: Oh! Two people from Wales see the yellow card. One because he complains. Referee Lahoz of Spain points out a tough streak for this match.

The first minute: The decisive match in the World Cup qualifiers begins!

Wales vs Ukraine: Bale, Yarmolenko and Zinchenko on the pitch

Update from June 5th at 5:55pm: Let’s move on to the lineups. Obviously, both coaches are making their best teams possible. Bale is on the field, as are Yarmolenko and Zinchenko. Who can prevail?

Update from June 5th at 5.40pm: The former Dortmund Yarmolenko (33th minute) and Yaremchuk (49) from Benfica Lisbon and Duvbek (90 + 4, Dnipro) scored the goals against Scotland. Former BVB professional Yarmolenko, who is now making his money at West Ham, London, is a captain and target player in attack.

Will Ukraine participate in the 2022 World Cup? A decision in the World Cup qualifiers against Wales

First report from June 5: Munich / Cardiff – The dream is alive. Tonight (6pm) the Ukrainian national football team wants to win the World Cup qualifiers and give their country beautiful moments in the bitter days of the war against Russia. But before that comes Wells, led by star Gareth Bale.

Ukraine’s performance against Scotland (3-1) must have impressed the British. The blue and yellow kickers showed an explosive substitution game and were technically adept at attacking football. “This victory does not belong to me nor to the players. It is for our country. It is a great victory for Ukraine: victory for the armed forces in the trenches and for hospital workers. They thank us – we thank them,” said the coach of the national team Oleksandr Petrakov.

Great sentiment in Ukraine: players turn to the people in their war-torn country

The star of the team is Oleksandr Zinchenko from Manchester City. After the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian War, the left wing turned out to have more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

“I am not only a Ukrainian footballer, I am also a Ukrainian citizen,” he wrote on Instagram. He continued: “Now my country is defending itself against Russian aggression and thousands are dying. Russian forces have already destroyed several cities, and bombs and shells are raining on the homes of peaceful civilians.”

Zinchenko sent very emotional comments and tried to make a comparison. “I have a young daughter. It breaks my heart to think of how many children are dying at their age and how many children have been orphaned in this war,” he said. There are already over 140 children who have died and there will be more when no one is going to stop this invasion.” Also in tears at a press conference. This Sunday, he and his colleagues have a great opportunity to give their fellow citizens a little hope that things will return to normal.

Watch the World Cup knockout match between Wales and Ukraine tonight from 6 pm here in the live tape. (evening)

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