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Handball record champion THW Kiel clearly won the northern Bundesliga duel with HSV Hamburg, but paid a heavy price for success in 29:22 (16:8). Sander Sajosen has been seriously injured and will be out for months.

As the International Football Association announced on Sunday evening, the world-class Norwegian player fractured his left ankle and ruptured the syndromic ligament. She added that his foot was placed in a plaster cast to temporarily immobilize him. The team doctor, Dr. Frank Breeze. Sajosen had to leave the ground after nine minutes on Sunday afternoon, backed by teammate Sven Irij and a supervisor with facial pain. The backcourt player had previously fallen sadly to the ground during an action. During the match, the 26-year-old was taken to the hospital for an examination.

Gicha: “We have to let the day sink in first.”

His absence was so bittersweet for Schleswig-Holstein, who actually had to lay off defender Hendrik Beckler (a torn Achilles tendon). For Philip Gitcha’s side, it’s about defending second place and thus qualifying for the Champions League in the remaining two Bundesliga matches. In addition, the “Zebra” will fight for the title of “King Class” in the fourth final in Cologne on June 18 and 19.

“It’s serious that we’ve lost two of our key players to injuries in such a short time. We feel ‘Beck’ and now Sander, but we also know we have to do without them. We have to let this day sink in first, but starting tomorrow it will continue.”

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HSV handball players are very weak in attack

Against newly promoted Hamburg, who have already achieved their goal of staying in the league, Sagossen’s early exit didn’t really matter. The guests showed very poor offensive performance in the first division to be able to make the game more balanced. HSVH managed to make up for a 2:5 deficit with 3:0 in the 15th minute. After that, the Hanseatic League managed to score only three goals in the first half. The fact that Kaspar Mortensen scored six of the eight guest goals in the first half attests to the weakness of his teammates. Goalkeeper Johannes Peter was not an important factor for Torsten Jansen’s side with just three saves.

Mierhall scores on his debut with THW

However, the ancient warrior had been completely let down by the people in front of him. Especially when THW accelerated, the cover of the Hanseatic League was often overwhelmed. Newcomer Bjarti Merhall also took advantage of the HSVH’s weak defense in the 20th minute. The 40-year-old circuit player, who committed on Friday, scored 9:5 and received thunderous applause from the crowd for his first goal in a Kiel shirt.

THW Agent Objectives: M. Landin 5/3, Reinkind 5, Duvnjak 4, Dahmke 3, Ehrig 3, Myrhol 2, Weinhold 2, Wiencek 2, Zarabec 2, Ekberg 1/1
HSV Hamburg: Mortensen 10/4, Weller 3/1, Bauer 2, Bergemann 2, Kleineidam 2, Ossenkopp 2, Niemann 1
Viewers: 10,285 (SOLD)

Bitter memory of HSVH veteran Späth

After the break, the owners of the land continued to dominate. While Hamburg continued to show a very limited performance in terms of the Bundesliga’s attacking capabilities, THW spoiled their home crowd with some impressive goals and kept going. Schleswig-Holstein advantage was eleven goals (25:14). The first-class duel between the two clubs in Kiel six years ago was reminiscent of the first half of the season in Hamburg. There, the Zebras really flexed their muscles in impressive fashion in a 32:23 victory. In the Baltic Sea, crowded hamburgers were now served in stages by the trophy winner.

From a purely tabular point of view, the bankruptcy did not affect them, but it was undoubtedly very bitter for Manuel slumber. Because the 36-year-old certainly imagined his 500th Bundesliga match differently.

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Flensburg Handwit loses at Limgo

Kiel and State’s arch rival St. J. Flensburg-Handwit had only very theoretical chances of getting second place ahead of his away game in TP at Lemgo Libby. After the defeat at 25:30 (13:14) against Oostfalen, qualification for the Champions League for the team of coach Mike Machola was no longer sportingly possible. And since Füchse Berlin defeated GWD Minden at the same time by 35:25 (18:15), third place is hardly possible, four points behind the main cities.

TPV LEGO LIBY OBJECTIVES: Ellison (11/2), Guardiola Villaplana (4), Cederholm (3), Hoteske (3), Carlsbogaard (2), Johannesson (2), Sutton (2), Zerbe (2), Semac (1)
S.G. Flensburg-Handewitt: Jakobsen (7/3), Sogard Johannessen (6), Semper (3), Steinhauser (3), Golla (2), Hald (1), Larsen (1), Lindskog (1), Svan (1)
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SG ran out of steam in the closing stages

In the duel with Lemgo, after a balanced first half, it seemed that Flensburg could have the upper hand at the start of the second half. Emil Jacobsen gave the guests a 17:14 lead in the 39th minute, giving them their first three goals. But then General Security weakened itself with penalty kicks, plus Mashula’s team now lacks accuracy in the end. Meanwhile, the hosts regained stability and were able to decisively pull out with 5:0 to 26:21 (54).

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