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Suddenly calm and contemplation prevailed that evening at the first of Ramstein’s two performances at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. The band just bid farewell to their usual flame magic as an accompaniment to their song “Sonne” with “Thank You,” and the main part of the concert is over, when it’s time to show up, the action has moved into the middle of it. stadium.

Here is a small theater with a piano, where Rammstein musicians gather to sing “Engel” with their supporting band, the French duo Gatec, made up of pianists.

The audience raises their smartphones, all lights are on, and joins the band in singing, “It won’t happen until the clouds sleep/Can you see us in the sky/We’re scared and lonely/God knows I don’t? Want to be an angel.”

It is undoubtedly beautiful and matches a perfectly designed presentation of course that has no place Spontaneity leaves no element of surprise in store. As is known, Rammstein’s performance is not a typical rock concert.

“Come, line up!”

This is already evidenced by the announcement initially shortly after 8:30, when the sun is far from setting over Berlin. It has now started, please turn off your smartphones and refrain from taking pictures. A joke of course. Because that’s exactly what 70,000 spectators don’t care about at all. Where, if not at a Ramstein party, can you take more beautiful photos and shoot more impressive videos?

After Handel’s lively introduction “Music for the Royal Fireworks The song begins with “Armee der Tristen,” the opening song for the new album, “Zeit.”

This is the album that Til Lindemann and his family spent during the Corona pandemic, a time when concerts at the Olympic Stadium were postponed twice. The band plays several songs from “Zeit”. The album is the arc that holds this show together and at the same time suggests it might have bumped into the future: the album ends with “Adieu,” and the concert ends with Lindemann roaring “Time was beautiful with you.” This may apply to the past two hours, but it may also indicate the end.

But first of all, on this beautiful, sparkling summer evening, parodying Rammstein’s performance, it’s important to get the audience in the right mood with the infamous jagged metal pieces of guitarists Richard Crosby and Paul Landers, the candid bass/drum beats of Oliver Riddell and Christoph Schneider In addition to the Lindemann lines “Come / line up / come with / step”.

Once across the Ramstein factory

This song is a variant of Lindemann’s poem “The Army of the Sorrowful People”, which tells of the happiness of feeling sad together. There can be no doubt about it: evening is pure happiness. The synchronization between the audience and the band is unmistakable, and no additional invitation is needed for that. The audience mostly wears black, in all shades, and hardly anyone who hasn’t worn a Rammstein shirt would wear it. From the start, they applauded confidently along the line, as they did with Heinz Schenk.

It runs straight through the Ramstein Factory: After “Armee der Tristen” follows Zigzack, also from “Zeit,” the song about the beauty craze of our time. It follows “Links 2 3 4”, the piece Rammstein has been accused of being a right-wing band over twenty years ago, and continues with “Sehnsucht,” “Puppe,” or “Heirate mich,” a song from 1996’s debut album “Herslade.” With Twilight And with the onset of darkness, periods of fire become more intense. Fire fountains are soaring here in front of the stage, the puppet carriage is on fire there, and of course keyboardist Flick is again shot with a flamethrower.

Till Lindemann at the Ramstein Concert on June 4 at the Berlin Olympic Stadium.Photo: Jens Koch

befitting Such as If you’re listening to cabin and bombshell magic, the intricacies of prose role and targeted provocations completely lost, all that has characterized the band since its founding in the mid-’90s.

The song “Germany”, which became scandalous due to a clip in which the band members could be perceived as prisoners in a concentration camp, was performed by Crosby as a techno version, and only then does the band come. Next, four luminous black and white figures can be seen standing side by side on the stage. That would be shocking, if, as it seems, you couldn’t understand it as a quote from the power plant.

It’s a calculated game, and indifference lingers with Rammstein – always at risk of drifting into bullshit, especially in live performances, into the meaningless: from the grotesque, cathedral-like structure to the gaping sci-fi fighters of Lindemann and Co’s three inflatable boats. Ramstein musicians climb into these plays after Engel’s performance to be brought back to the main stage by the audience.

Was it with Rammstein, because of ‘Audio’? You can’t even imagine it. Such a show could actually run until the end of the day, without new songs, it could be well maintained. And what can the band Have you ever played a song like “Sonne” with lines like “Here comes the sun, it’s the brightest star ever” when you’ve just set?

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