Pure Culture: Exciting Jobs Behind the Scenes

Without them there would be no band, nor a singer on the Kultur Pur stage: we present here three of the more than 200: what they do and who they are.

Three make pure culture behind the scenes:

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1. Mona Pratrich: Shuttle buses and hotels

She plans hotels and shuttles for artists. Two chauffeurs are always on hand, and the six artist supervisors intervene when needed: they drive to airports in Cologne and Düsseldorf, and more often to the main train station in Siegen. “Some come alone.” And adults with their Nightliner. To accommodate musicians, singers, dancers and actors, Kultur Pur has hotels in Siegen. Hilchenbach, Netveen and Erndtbrück signed. “They were happy.” It’s not just about the guests. But also about the fact that they receive visitors from Kultur Pur – those who deal with Giller there have a good reputation. This year, the first Kultur Pur Despite Corona, a few rooms are needed: only the festival team lives in Gillerbergheim, no more artists – so the place does not become crowded.

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“I thought I got a job where everything goes according to plan.” But it is not. Sometimes the guest arrives on a different train or at a different airport, and sometimes more people come who come to him. “But everyone is here so far.” The 34-year-old is part of the permanent team at the Culture Bureau and takes care of Lyz’s schedule of events and presales. The trained theater teacher, who has worked on several theater projects in Siegen, is delighted with the constant commitment: Corona pulled the rug out from under the feet of the freelancers on the scene.

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2. Marie-Sophie Schuller: The Lady of the House in Gelerbergheim

She is the new lady of the house in Gelerbergheim. Of course only during Pentecost – by Wednesday at the latest, the Regional Forest Office’s Youth Forest Habitat Team will be in charge again. One mission: take care of your own team. The second: “Create a relaxing atmosphere” for the actors on the stage. The latter is well prepared. Since about mid-March, she’s been in touch with agencies, asking about her desires for bar and restaurant equipment. Where the mirror, sofa and table belong to the minimal equipment of the small tents behind the stage in the large tent. “We do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.”

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In the house itself, the team must remain strong: at lunchtime, home cooking, goulash, grilled meat, and dumplings are served. And in the evening dinner. Sausage, cheese, and the like. From 5:30 p.m. to the first who will then be in business with the best business. Until 1.2 a.m. to clean up the last after shows and prepare for the next day. If bulk buying isn’t enough – there’s a Plan B on hand for subsequent weekend deliveries. Feeling good is also the order of the day here. This includes rubber bears and their large relatives. “The locker is in the basement. It’s locked.”

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Marie-Sofie Schuller is 25 years old, studies German and politics to become a teacher, and works as a freelancer in the cultural office – and in recent years she has done nearly every possible job at Kultur Pur.

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3. Ina Dinter: Head of the Construction Crew

She’s the new head of the construction crew. The first woman in this position. And the only woman in the band that also includes four men. She says, “I like getting things done, and this department should do the same: ‘Everything that arises from setting, transforming and disassembling doesn’t happen on the stage’—because there’s a dedicated team for this. So: set up the chairs, put up the fenders—that’s what They call crowd barriers, create entry locks, support artists with outdoor constructions in the outdoor area.The first inquiries come in at 8 a.m., at 2 a.m., and they’re still outside and in the tents. “I make sure my children get enough sleep.” Because they have to stay strong for a long time: They started on the Sunday before Pentecost, they can’t move away until the Tuesday evening after Pentecost.

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Inna Dinter, 26, studies sports in Bochum – and does not know life without pure culture. This is because her father, Frank Dinter, himself ran the construction team at Geller for many years. “I’ve always looked at it.” And then, at the age of 18, he joined himself. By the way, like her brother Janice. He is also part of this culture: at the e-bike station, in the new job as commuting manager for the Siegen-Wittgenstein district.

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