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Rottweil. Great atmosphere and exciting performances on NBS’s first evening of culture after a two-year break due to Corona a few days ago:
“Finally again!” It could be the unofficial motto of the evening – perhaps the general joy of all participants about the very successful evening has really made clear how much this event has been lost in the school life of Neil Breuning School in Rottweil in recent years. Thus the actual motto of the evening (“Aufbruch”) was well chosen and interpreted by the students in several expressive ways.

Contribution from Andrea Kern, Neil Breuning School

The swing start to warm up the evening was shaped by the school band with their diverse program from The Beatles to Hubert Kah and Toten Hosen to Revolverhold. At the same time, many visitors were able to fortify themselves with a snack and a small drink, while works on display in Level 2 of the J1 and J2 art courses (Teacher Supervising: Franziska Teufel) invited them to look at them. With a lot of creativity and a great variety of materials, each of the young artists offered their own personal view on the theme of “Leaving”. The main theme here was the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, which I felt were very restrictive. For example, human characters sitting secluded from each other at their laptops in transparent domes illustrate the turmoil in interpersonal relationships while simultaneously showing the limits of digital communication.

J2 Sports Course at the Nell-Breuning School in Rottweil. Photo: evening

In an exciting choreography, musical and theatrical contributions alternated throughout the evening. After “Ring the Bell,” the singers (supervising teacher: Beate Vöhringer) set the audience’s mood for the central theme with Caribbean sounds. “Aufbruch” has been musically interpreted as a farewell (“Farewell to Jamaica”) and as a longing for new worlds and new perspectives (“Über den Wolken”).

Under the title “Art Meets Rap”, Simon Hasler (a high school graduate last year as a guest star) and students from the J2 music course made a musically contradictory contribution on the topic of the future with many opportunities for young people, but which may also include the risks of failure. With “Wellerman” New Zealand shacks concluded the singing contributions as well as the evening as a whole. Beautiful and harmonious choral vocals, soloists in the full range from heart-refreshing fervor to melodies sung with sincere focus to the perfect beauty of a trained lyrical voice – each contribution was beautiful and moving in its own way.

In the musical performance “Kehraus” (rehearsed under the direction of apprentice teacher Cornelia Plantard), the first-graders of the musical course impressively demonstrated their sense of rhythm “on the broom” and inspired the audience with their sensational performance. The same can be said about the dance of the sports course of J2 (Supervising Teacher: Claudia Granxo) – the joy of her successful performance can be seen in the schoolgirls as well as the teacher (the joiner).

Form the thematic backbone of the evening through literature presentations and theater courses in J1 and J2 (Teacher Supervising: Kristen Bebel). The scenes, some of which were entirely self-developed and others on literary models by Franz Kafka and Friedrich Schiller, lit up the theme of the evening from different angles. On the other hand, “Aufbruch” was presented as something very personal: the individual has to defend himself against externally imposed adjectives such as “You…” with a loud “Stop!” ; Struggle to keep confusion from turning into despondency (“Give it up!”) or to free themselves from social heterogeneity through family and friends.

But the students also positioned themselves admirably and at times remarkably differentiated on the main issues of the time: in Elizabeth I and Maria Stewart, two proud women were introduced, who had primacy and their own strength, and problems arose between the church and LGBT people. unnecessary spurious discussion (“In the end, only love matters!”); Abused planet Earth summons help via a messenger message to people – who must often ask themselves, not just in a row over a deceased grandmother’s legacy: “Is there nothing more important than money?” Finally, the audience as a society determined the life path that the protagonist should take – what should it be: money and security or a precarious life full of intense experiences? Or maybe both are possible? The multifaceted viewpoints on the theme of ‘Departure’, presented by students of literature and theater courses in a highly creative, committed, humorous and impressive way, are finally brought together again in a compilation of guiding principles for each scene like the kind of canon that comes to mind.

Principal Ingo Lütjohann finally thanked everyone involved, especially the five participating teachers, for the successful evening and the great commitment, and the audience did not spare their applause either.

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