Benefit Concert and Appeal for Donations: Ukrainian Youth Symphony Orchestra is a guest in Leipzig at the Bach Festival – News from Leipzig

At the Bach Festival 2022, two concerts that will touch privately will be held. At the invitation of the Bach Festival, the Ukrainian Youth Symphony Orchestra will also come to Leipzig. Or there is already. The first 22 musicians were able to rehearse at the Gewandhaus on Friday, 3 June. Some arrived by bus from Lviv, others arrived from their exile in Western Europe.

The second bus should start from Lviv on Friday. This in itself is something special, because young people up to the age of 22, who are usually not allowed to leave the country in a state of war, also play in the orchestra. However, according to Michael Mull, festival director of Leipzig Bach, there was a special permit for the trip to Leipzig, so that young people could spend a few days in Leipzig away from the war.

At the same time, they will be able to be experienced in two first-class concerts, where it will also be possible to hear how the music of Johann Sebastian Bach connects people across national borders.

Through the two performances in Leipzig, 40 musicians from the Ukraine Youth Symphony Orchestra came together as an orchestra for the first time since the outbreak of war. They were on the run, in the front, or scattered abroad.

“An emotional meeting in Leipzig, to which you are warmly invited by Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, Mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung and Director of the Leipzig Bach Festival Michael Mull,” says the Bach Festival website.

Along with the Gewandhaus Youth Choir and amarcord, the ensemble will play influential works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Mykola Lysenko and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi under the direction of young Ukrainian maestro Paulina Lebedeva.

Mykola Lysenko

The name Mykola Lysenko deserves attention because he was not only one of the most famous and well-known composers of Ukraine and a collector of Ukrainian folk songs, but also had two joint years in Leipzig. As a scholarship holder of the Russian Music Society, he studied music at the Leipzig Conservatory from 1867 to 1869.

He wrote the opera “Taras Bulba” based on the story of Nikolai Gogol, who was also an artist of Ukrainian origin. When Tchaikovsky suggested that Taras Bulba be performed in Moscow, Lysenko’s requirement was that it be in Ukrainian.

A monument to Lysenko now stands in front of the Kyiv Opera – unless it was destroyed by Russian bombs and grenades.

You will hear “Pavilion on Ukrainian Topics, Reference 2” by Mykola Lysenko. Johann Sebastian Bach’s “I Suffer So Much” and the preface from “Introduction to D major, BWV 1068” is in the programme, “Gustav Mahler Suite by the orchestral works of Johann Sebastian Bach” and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi’s “Give Us Peace in Mercy”.

Benefit Concert at Thomaskirche

The first concert with the Young Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine will take place on Thursday 9 June at 9 pm in St. Thomas Church. It is a concert perfectly in keeping with the times under the Bach title “Give us peace”.

Whoever buys tickets for this concert directly supports young musicians from Ukraine.
Tickets worth €20 can be booked directly on the Bach Festival website.

The Bach Archive also collects donations for the band and the families of young musicians. It is transferred to the Federal Youth Orchestra Foundation and from there without any deductions to the account of the Ukrainian Orchestra.

Donations can be transferred to the Bach Archive Donation Account.

Account holder: Bach Archive Leipzig
Bank: Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Leipzig
IBAN: DE 398605 5592 1100 9011 04
World Bank Definition (BIC): WELADE8LXXX
Purpose: Ukraine
or via PayPal [email protected]
(Unfortunately, this approach reduces donations because fees apply.)

Ukraine Youth Symphony Orchestra at “BachStage”

The second concert with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine as part of “BachStage” can be experienced at the market on Friday 10 June.

“BachStage” will open there at 7 pm, the Youth Symphony Orchestra will be there from the very beginning and, under the direction of Polina Lebedieva, will perform the works of Ukrainian composers and composers closely related to Leipzig.

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