Zittau Mountains – where culture meets nature!



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Zittau Mountains – where culture meets nature!

Summer is just around the corner, and for many of us that means a time of excursions and travel. How about a trip to the Zittau Mountains?

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Stunning views and unforgettable adventures await at every corner of the Zittau Mountains!
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Discover something special – that’s easy at Zitao Mountains Nature Park. In the midst of unspoiled nature and along the blue strip of Mandau, the 1000 year old cultural sceneA bit of a bohemian and a little saxon with a friendly flair.

The distinguishing feature is the harmony of the Zittau Mountains and Olbersdorfer See, the baroque town of Zittau and idyllic villages with the half-timbered houses of Upper Lusatia that characterize the cityscape.. Everywhere you will find typical tiny houses with their original charm. And it has not been preserved anywhere else in such a unit as in the region of the Three Countries. The combination of Slavic block building and German half-timbered construction has been around since the 15th century. The three-nation region has an extraordinary cultural landscape, characterized by diversity and cosmopolitanism.

visit Low mountain range in far eastern Germany And conquer the enchanting landscapes. Whether they are leisurely walkers, families with young and old children, or aspiring athletes: the exquisitely formed sandstone boulders inspire everyone. If you look closely, you can see the “turtle”, the “organ” and the “teapot”.

You can also find a general map of Zittau Mountains Nature Park here.


The southeastern city of Saxony It is over 750 years old and is located where Upper Lusatia, Silesia and Bohemia flow into each other. This city was a thriving commercial center, and was once called the “rich”. The historic city center has been almost completely preserved. Winding streets, winding alleys, wide plazas – all lined with Renaissance, Baroque and Classical buildings. Zittau Lenten clothing is unique in Germany. A magnet for visitors from all over the world, to admire the “Church of the Holy Cross” Museum and the Franciscan Monastery Museum. Zitao can’t just come up with cultural treasures. On the outskirts of the city is the green oasis of Zittau, West Park with the West Park Center of the same name. Whether it’s a game of squash, bowling, or roaming the kids’ zone, all visitors get their money here.


The idyllic spa town of Jonsdorf lies in a picturesque setting between the two highest mountains of the Zittau Mountains Nature Park, Lausche (793 m) and Hochwald (749 m). The landscape is full of diversity. Exotic rock formations alternate with romantic mountain trees. The relaxing experience of indigenous nature, mountain meadows, picturesque valleys and fresh air invite you to stroll, enjoy and enjoy. It is worth staying, because the spa town scores not only with a spa park, great hiking trails or a jungle stage, but also with cool water in the mountain pool or tropical animals in the butterfly house. From April to September, Kindertobeland at Sparkassen Arena Jonsdorf invites you to play and stroll in good and bad weather. Ms. Seyfarth of the Zittau Mountains Accommodation Agency will be happy to assist you in your search for suitable accommodation.

Oybin and Lückendorf

The landmark of the enchanting mountain town of Ueben, visible from afar, is the beehive-like rock of Ueben, on which Emperor Charles IV founded a monastery in 1369. In the Gothic castle and abbey ruins, visitors can enjoy concerts, castle festivals, monasteries, excursions to romance and historical processions. for monks. An overwhelming background that has inspired poets and painters centuries ago. At the top of the mountain, guests will find the jewel of Baroque architecture, the mountain chapel, also known as the Wedding Chapel. The church is open almost all year round for devotion, silence and prayer. A true climbing paradise can be found on about 80 boulders around Uiben. Only a few minutes from the climatic health resort of Lückendorf, on top of the Zittau Mountains. It is the only place on the southern slope on the German side and an ideal starting point for hiking trips. Once a year, in August, when the engines rush into the historic look, the traditional Lückendorf mountain race is held.


Oderwitz stretches over 9 km in front of the gates to the Zittau Mountains. Famous for its three postal mills, it is the city’s landmark. Oderwitz can inspire vacationers with its many attractions. For example, on the local mountain, Spitzburg, there is a well-known climbing area on Phonolith Rock. Down the mountain, you can indulge in a rush of speed on the summer toboggan run. Upon landing, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the three post mills, which mark the view of the city.

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