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Bernd Prairie’s dog, Whiskey, is always there in his prep days. Breiter World Club Dome has been organizing since 2013. © Rolf Oeser

On June 3, after a break of three years, the World Club Dome will begin again at Waldstadion in Frankfurt. What can fans expect at the three-day festival?

Frankfurt – This time Elvis will also be present at the World Club Dome at Waldstadion in Frankfurt. Well, not the real King, of course, but an Elvis lookalike would perform wedding ceremonies in specially constructed wedding chapels not far from the stadium. “Many couples are already signed up, one couple is getting married a few days early, they want to get the big show at the World Club Dome and are getting married here again for fun,” Bernd Braiter says on Monday afternoon (May 30) and Laugh. Of course they were all fun weddings.

The 51-year-old is the organizer of the three-day Frankfurt music festival, to which fans travel to his hometown from all over the world, to see DJ greats from the world of electronic music like David Guetta, DJs from the major charts like Robin Schulz, But also rappers like Haftsperre or rapper Juju live from Friday (June 3) to Sunday (June 5).

World Club Dome 2022 in Frankfurt: expected to reach 60,000 visitors per day

Because, as Britter emphasizes, the Big City Beats World Club Dome has long been more than just an electronic music festival, but unites different musical genres – all under one roof. Scooter and Haftsperre perform on the hip-hop scene – but not together. Because the association doesn’t go so far that the arrest warrant remixes “Shabus knows who Papo” into the Scooter’s megaphone shouting “How fishy.” Breiter expects Frankfurt to have 60,000 visitors on the day of the festival. There are 250 artists. Corona measures are no longer an issue, the area is spacious, and the security staff makes sure that there are no more people allowed to dance in front of the platforms.

It was set up a few days ago.
The World Club Dome has been under construction for days. © Rolf Oeser

On Mondays, Breiter rides between forklifts and stage construction and proudly shows who will perform on the 25 stages set up from Waldstadion to Stadionbad. A fallen and tattered “Las Vegas” sign in front of the Zombie Theater can be seen in the lawns in front of the stadium. This is where the “dark side,” i.e., really hard electric music, comes into play, says Brighter. A new area of ​​700,000 square meters will be created for three days – or rather, Las Vegas will move to Europe for three days. The slogan this time is Las Vegas. That’s why Elvis.

World Club Dome 2022 in Frankfurt: “It’s too long ago”

Since 2019 this is the first time things have started again after Corona. “It’s been a long time coming and feeling so good,” says Britter. He’s wearing a Louis Vuitton zipper jacket with white jeans. We started construction last week.

His whiskey dog ​​is always leashed with him every day. However, at the festival itself, Whiskey will retire to the kennel with two dogs while his owner walks 15 miles a day alone.

  • A quick overview of all the information about the World Club Dome in Frankfurt
  • the three days BigCityBeats World Club Dome Las Vegas Edition begins Friday (June 3) and runs through Sunday (June 5).
  • over 25 stages From Waldstadion to Stadionbad, DJs from the world of electronic music perform like David Guetta, Robin Schulz and Sven Väth. But there are also hip-hop greats like Seydoux, Jojo or Halfbill. One or three day tickets are still available for purchase at:
  • Arrival and departure Railroad and bus employees work extra shifts. Many S-Bahn trains on lines S1 to S9 have more cars than usual, and additional S-Bahn trains run from Frankfurt Stadium to Frankfurt Central Station.
  • After the events There is an additional regional train every night from the Frankfurt stadium via Hanau, Friedberg and Gießen to Marburg.
  • In addition to Regional trains on the RMV RE70 line also stop at the stadium in both directions.
  • any ticket To the BigCityBeats World Club Dome is also an RMV ticket. flower

“There are 2,500 people working here: from technicians to catering,” says Britter. Up to 120 trucks provide this technology, in which up to 1.8 million watts of sound are installed. Witches, magicians, showgirls and dancers must revive Las Vegas show style.

The main stage will be in the middle of the Frankfurt stadium. Britter calls it the “Modern Colosseum”. Excellence is his thing. The club’s world cup dome costs several million euros. Since there were not enough ice cubes in Frankfurt, they produced 14 tons of ice cubes on site.

World Club Dome 2022 Frankfurt: with VIP ticket to the pool area

The club’s World Dome has been around since 2013. “Steve Aoki has been with us ever since,” says Britter. The 44-year-old American electric DJ Aoki also performs mostly with Belgian DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. They are also the stars of the scene and are a part of it just like the famous German collective producer Glockenbach.

The backgrounds you want to place precisely.
The backgrounds you want to place precisely. © Rolf Oeser

Sports venues have become helipads, because DJs who feel it can, instead of quietly and discreetly parking their cars in the underground car park, land right here with the helicopter and stand out from the crowd on the “Walk of Fame” or, how it’s called a “show”. Superstars” are widely welcomed.

Visitors can dress up in swimwear at Stadionbad’s swimming sessions and dance to the tunes of Sven Väth as if they were in Ibiza. Those who buy VIP tickets (from 260 euros) have their own pool area. The cost of a single ticket to the festival is 96 euros; A ticket for three days costs 156 euros. “There is 600m of bar space and a street food festival, and there will also be a hookah area not far from the Jungle Theatre,” says Britter. And of course, opening night on Friday in Frankfurt will be celebrated in a big way. In addition, star violinist David Jarrett will perform live with the HR Symphony Orchestra on the main stage. Britter composed a score with Jarrett and singer-producer JD Wood and recorded it with the HR Symphony Orchestra last year.

World Club Dome 2022 in Frankfurt: Tim Mälzer cooks up space food

The piece is called “Space Table Symphony”. Because in the evening there will be not only dancing, but also live cooking: TV chef Tim Malzer prepares the space-worthy Indonesian goulash (“Rendang”), which ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer has already eaten in space. 300 guests, including Maurer, come to Waldstadion for a Rendang meal in person.

At the same time, millions of people around the world can join in cooking. The event also marks the beginning of Breiter’s One Billion Meals from Outer Space initiative, which aims to raise $1 billion in food donations for charities.

Preter stresses that he’s not worried about the festival: “I have adrenaline in me that I can start over.” (Catherine Rosendorf)

Frankfurt DJK Corel’s sound level ignites

Also at the World Club Dome 2022: Frankfurt DJ Kai Corell. The 54-year-old was already retired, but Techno never left him.

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