Several projects and excursions of the Driwa Youth Vacation Program operate in Drensteinfurt

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There will be cocktails and karaoke on July 21 at the Kulturbahnhof: Meike Haverkamp (from left), Mayor Carsten Grawunder, Anja Buthe and Rüdiger Beck. © Michael Weisrecker

The city of Drensteinfurt introduced its summer vacation programme. It is filled with many activities tailored to the desires of children. For many parents, Dewa’s vacation program means reliable vacation sponsorship. Registration is possible online from Friday evening until Tuesday 7 June.

Drensteinfurt – Driwa’s youth holiday program has been out of the press since Wednesday afternoon, ready for distribution in schools. It is filled with a colorful program tailored to the wishes of children. Even if all the performances are compelling, I am especially pleased that the major events at Minilon and Halli-Galli are finally recurring, according to the organisers. And: So far, there are no specifications such as distance, mask, or test requirements.

For many parents, Dewa’s vacation program means reliable vacation sponsorship. This will also be guaranteed this year, including off-peak care in elementary school. Kids can look forward to 33 “small” singles events – ten of them in Rinkerode, none in Walstedde. Eight excursions and up to a two-day “adventure tour” are included in the programme. There are 13 offerings of multi-day events that are especially popular with children. In addition to Halli-Galli and Minilon (children’s city), this also includes construction camp, fun sports camp, ZappZarap circus, handball camp and Volti days. A highlight is the trip to Cologne for “Mario Kart Live”. Participation in the mockup video game is not exactly cheap at 45 euros.

Participation must not fail for financial reasons.

The Kulturbahnhof team around Anja Buthe, Rüdiger Pikk and Meike Haverkamp are particularly excited about the two main events. Having been unable to do so in the past two years, nearly all of the children involved are newcomers. So it is a challenge for the team and the assistants. Through an explainer video on YouTube, kids are given an introduction to Minilon and Halli-Galli beforehand in order to prepare them a little for what lies ahead. In addition, for the first time in Halli-Galli, there will be a gourmet group for those participants who do not immediately dare to partake of the large crowd.

The last year saw some innovations due to Corona. “We learned a lot and adopted a lot, which was particularly well received,” Beck says, noting the large number of projects and trips in the current programme.


Registration is possible from Friday 3 June, 6 pm until Tuesday 7 June, 6 pm – at For people with language barriers, there is a service day show on Saturday, June 4th, at the Kulturbahnhof from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. After completing the registration, confirmations will be sent by e-mail.

On Wednesday, June 8, the bill must be paid by bank transfer or PayPal. Those who wish to pay in cash can do so on Friday, June 10 from 3 pm to 6 pm and on Monday, June 13 from 9 am to 6 pm. For all places not allocated, registration is possible on Tuesday 14 June.

Assistants wanted

Rudiger Beck and his team managed to win 13 young players. Small number compared to 40 rookies in prime time. If members of the small team literally grew up to the task before the pandemic, Beck explains that contact was more or less cut off due to Corona. The team will be happy to welcome budding team members aged 14 and over, as well as those aged 16 or over who would like to co-sponsor the holidays. “We could use some help,” Beck confirms.

It is important for the team that all children who wish to participate are given the opportunity. Those who cannot participate for financial reasons can contact the Kulturbahnhof team with confidence. Mayor Carsten Gründer stresses that “participation should not fail for financial reasons”.

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