Rush to OGS Burg: 120 children in Fehmarn need all-day care as of August

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The Open All Day School (OGS) at the Primary School in Burg was the subject of the Committee on Cultural, School, Sports and Social Affairs of the city of Fehmarn.

  • The committee approves an investment support of about 11 thousand euros.
  • In the future, we will operate with an underfunded contract.
  • The room solution at OGS Burg is only a temporary solution.

Fehmarn – The Open All Day School (OGS) at the primary school in Burg, run by the local association of the German Child Protection Association (DKSB), is bursting at the seams at the latest by the start of the new school year. At the moment, 90 children are cared for in the premises, which have already reached the maximum capacity, and as of August there will be at least 120. In the short term, only emergency solutions help provide care for each child.

Certified Hood Dishwasher

This soon became clear in the discussion in the Committee on Culture, Schools, Sports and Social Affairs. The first measure, to provide a classroom in the school building for the OGS, was successfully implemented thanks to the good cooperation of principal Enes Schmidt, OGS chairwoman Karola Pomerentzka told the Financial Times. The second procedure requires the approval of the committee. For example, an investment support of around €11,000 had to be approved for DKSB, because it needed furniture, crockery and cutlery as well as a hood-type dishwasher to provide the extra lunches. Conventional dishwashers available on the OGS, which are already in continuous operation, are no longer enough. Only Hans-Peter Thomsen (FDP-WUW) needed further clarification. After clarifying that, the committee voted unanimously in his favour.

Yes unambiguously to change the contract

There was also clear agreement to change the contract. To date, the City of Fehmarn has granted a per capita allowance to each child in the OGS Burg. The result: in recent years, the DKSB has had to use its own money (including donations) to make up the shortfall, most recently around 22,000 euros in 2021, and for 2022 the estimate was around 54,000 euros. It is no longer financially feasible for the DKSB, so that in the future work will be carried out under a underfunded contract and the additional costs will be borne by the school authority, the City of Fehmarn. Initially, a contract will be concluded with a term until the end of 2024.

For the OGS in Landkirchen, which was also expanded last year due to high demand, the funding is already regulated by a deficit contract, as is the case for the OGS in Inselschule.

Silk Krause, director of education for the DKSB District Association, explains to the Financial Times that the need for care has increased sharply, particularly in Fehmarn. An excellent example from last year: 48 of the 54 first-graders at the primary school in Burg are registered with the OGS. In the summer, seven OGS fourth graders will leave, but more than 30 new enrollments are expected.

Close contact with school social work

Employees will also face significant challenges. According to Pomerentzka, in addition to really good cooperation with the school administration, close interaction with the school’s social work has proven to be very beneficial. Pomerentzka is also responsible for this for a small part of the hour. However, the OGS is still looking for trainers who can help with child care. If you are interested, contact OGS.

The Committee on Culture, Schools, Sports and Social Affairs did its part in the current decision. But he will soon have to make more groundbreaking decisions, because from 2026 there will be a legal right to all-day care in elementary school. But there is indeed a need for action, because in the view of Silke Krause and Carola Pomerentzka, the current chamber solution at OGS Burg can only be described as a temporary solution.

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