Muscle cars for sale at charity auction

A muscle car group for a good cause
Rancher sells a secretly built set

Horse breeder Harley Moser is selling his colorful muscle car set to pay for his children’s medical treatment.

Harley Moser is a cattle and horse breeder from Mowbridge, South Dakota, on the Missouri River. According to his statements, he is in semi-retirement. Over the years, he has built an impressive collection of muscle cars in various conditions, tractors, trucks and agricultural machinery. His two children were born with adrenal gland disease. In order to secure medical treatment for his adult children Molly and Justin, Moser is now separating his collection at an auction. A friend also gave me a rare car.

secret start

Moser started collecting cars when he noticed that a lot of money was constantly draining from the savings account he had with his wife Barb. In order to continue to make a little fortune, he secretly bought a muscle car from time to time. And his older brother, who was familiar with these cars, advised him to buy them. When Barb found out that Moser was collecting muscle cars, she was excited about the idea and supported the further expansion of the group. Barb died of cancer ten years ago – Moser is firmly convinced that selling cars to treat his children is in her best interest.

Dodge Charger as a Discovery Barn

Moser’s lineup is surprisingly diverse, with most of his powerful cars appearing to be in good condition. The 1970 Dodge Charger RT Coupe, which Moser left in the original barn condition, is a stunning feature. The Charger still has the original V8 engine and the interior looks decent for a barn find. A private car that does not come from Moser himself, but from a friend of the Shari family. It contributes a 1969 Ford Fairlane 500 converted into a Torino GT-428 Cobra Jet version. Her husband, Fred, who recently died of cancer, had the car completely restored before his death. Moser’s family supported Shari when she was younger – she lived there for some time. When she, her son and grandson learned about the auction, it was immediately clear to them that they would be adding a unique Torino GT 428 Cobra Jet convertible, says Shari.

Studebaker truck with can of Coca-Cola

By the way, Harley Moser doesn’t like powerful cars more than his group, but the Studebaker R15 truck from 1952. The car is about his age, runs well and is in good shape. The historic Coca-Cola box, which is part of the delivery range, stands in the pickup truck loading area. The Dodge M56 Power Wagon 4×4 truck also makes a good impression – this is a real military vehicle. In the guise of a post-apocalyptic combat truck, there is an International Truck from the 1940’s on the Jameh meadow. The car appears to have been used to fight fires, its condition looks like a pile of scrap, but its specificity makes it perhaps worth preserving.

Some are equipped with upgraded sports engines

Other stylish muscle cars at auction include the 1970 Plymouth GTX coupe, the 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner coupe, and the 1973 Dodge Sport Coupe. The interiors and engines of these three cars are still in very good condition. The Roadrunner Coupe has the aftermarket Mopar engine and the Dodge Sport Coupe has the engine tuned for racing.

auction today

The Muscle Car Auction will take place on Friday, June 3, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. local time – it will be 4:30 p.m. here. Responsible auction house VanDerBrink Auctions is accepting bids online, and the auction will be broadcast live from Harley Mosers Ranch. His farming equipment will then be put under the hammer at a separate auction on Saturday.

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Rancher Harley Moser has built an impressive range of cars over many years. The cars in good condition and the Dodge Charger RT Coupe seem to fetch big bucks even as the barn is discovered, as evidenced by auctions over the past few years. The fact that Moser is selling cars to pay for his kids’ medical treatment should make it easier for another muscle car fan to bid high.

The trucks from the Moser range are also interesting – albeit often in much worse condition than muscle cars. Some are mostly only partial donors, others are worth preserving due to their special features. Moser’s vehicle of choice, the Studebaker R15 truck, is still in good condition, as is the Dodge M56 Power Wagon 4×4 military truck.

We ignore that the auction raises the most money possible.

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