Lots of culture and festivals this Pentecost weekend

Purna / Gethin.The long Pentecost weekend doesn’t just provide an opportunity to unwind. After all, many organizers chose these three days for large-scale performances. Town and village festivals, club and mill day shows, and more aim to attract visitors. After all, it is to be expected that after a long (almost) period of abstinence, people will be eager to attend the dates of the cultural and festive scene, which is slowly taking off. LVZ provides an overview (selection).

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City Festival in Borna

Borna brought her hometown festival forward from German Unity Day. After the music for the young and the young at heart on Friday evening, the program continues in the market Saturday And the Sunday. The showmen with their hustle and bustle in the car park behind the authority center and in Wassergasse are open until Monday. Read more

Borna celebrates the city festival with hype until Monday. Franz, 11, first tried shooting with showman Stefan Franz. Mother Anja Herbrich and partner Daniel Freyer watch.

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Airport Festival in Bohlin

The Böhlen Flying Club is taking off again – and with it many visitors. In the Saturday And the Sunday There is a large airport festival at its headquarters on Federal Highway 2 between Böhlen and Zwenkau. Guests who are drawn to vertigo-filled heights have the chance to experience sightseeing flights over New Lakeland, see and fly a helicopter (a kind of hybrid between helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft) up close and learn about flying activities. The club is about flying licenses. There is an inflatable castle for kids, which is great for a low-altitude flying experience. It starts at 10 am both days.

The sculptor Plein Air in Begao

For two weeks, three artists worked on the sandstone of the 16th Plein Air Pegau Sculptors. In the Saturday They present their work in “Ziegelei Erbs”.

Fire Brigade Festival at Regis Brettingen

There will be a summer party today Saturday At the open-air theater at Bergmannsring in Regis-Breitingen. The organizers are Firefighters and Firefighters Association. At 3 pm, the youth fire brigade invites you to various games, and round trips in the firetruck can also be taken. There is a technology show as well as a bouncy castle. Starting at 5 pm, delicacies are served off the grill, and the drinks bar offers beer and cocktails, among other things. Disco starts with DJ “Der Tun” at 7 pm. A torchlight procession was announced, followed by gunfire in the evening.

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Concert in Bad Lausick كنيسة Church

A private concert will be held at the Kilianskirche in Bad Lausick. Play Elizabeth Ruhlov Saturday On the Silbermann-Trampeli instrument with Stefan Leitner (trumpet) and Lilly Koppatsch (violin). The work of Biber, Schmelzer, and Bach will be heard as well as Monti and Gershwin. The party starts at 4 pm.

Concert in Rudigsdorf

Summer night fantasies with the Leipzig flute band “Quintessenz” continue Saturday From 5 pm in the Schwind Pavilion Rüdigsdorf. The band receives support for this musical and literary program from actor and university lecturer Gunter Schusbock. Framed by short literary readings, the works of Richard Strauss, Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi, Leonard Bernstein and others can be heard. The stories will be read by Till Ullenspiegel and the poems by Christian Morgenstern and Joachim Ringlents. Entry and ticket sales begin at 4:30 p.m.

The meeting of the tractor and the day of the mill in Yahra

The Mills and Technology Association invites you to the 18th Tractor Meeting. Visitors to the Neuholländermühle Wyhra am Sunday Admire tractors from 10 am. Borna Model Railroad Assembly introduces itself at the factory. You can also see many tractors in front of it that have been on the road as IFA brand vehicles since the 1950s. Around 3 pm the vehicles set off in a motorcade and drove to the Mühlenhof in Zedtlitz and back again.

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Urn meeting on Pentecost 2018 at Neuholländermühle in Wyhra.

Urn meeting on Pentecost 2018 at Neuholländermühle in Wyhra.

For nationwide mill day, there’s morning Monday From 10 am all day programme. It starts with a pint in the morning with Bad Lausick’s men’s choir and Grimma Schaum orchestra. At coffee time, the Vienna music of Fritz Kreisler can be heard. Homemade cakes, ice cream, coffee, tea and other drinks are served.

Whitsun beer in Kitzen

Kitzen Whitsun beer celebrates its anniversary. For the 40th time, Blau-Gelb Kitzen Gym Sunday For an event with music, sports and games at Gutsherrenpark. It starts at 10 a.m. with the skating championships. At 12.45pm, the May Whitson is set and the festival opens with tapping on a barrel of beer.

Pony rides, archery, castle jumping, kids whirlpool, lottery booth and crafts are planned with the youth club on a colorful afternoon. From 2:30 pm there will be coffee and cake on the balcony at the Kulturhaus. An hour later, BC Leipzig shows sports acrobatics. And at eight in the evening, music and dancing are planned with the clouds. At about 10:15 p.m., a fireworks display will soar into the night sky.

Whitsun’s music in Kohren-Sahlis

Whitsun’s Medieval and Renaissance Music in Kohren-Sahlis: Capella Fidicinia from Leipzig gives performances on Sunday3:00 p.m. at St. Gangolf’s Chapel a private concert. The focus is on the performance of “Missa super Maria tender” by Franco-Flemish composer Jacob Obrecht, which is preceded by a three-part arrangement of the song “Maria tender von nobler Art” by Arnault Schleck. The Gregorian antiphon “Invocatio Sancti Spiritus”, the six-part “Veni Sancte Spiritus” by Orlando de Lasso and German-speaking Whitsun music by Johann Staden and Hans-Leo Hassler will also be heard.

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Capella Fidicinia Leipzig performs in a team of seven singers. In addition to the voice of Cornette, Trombone, and Viola da Gamba, as well as the voice of a member of the chest. Program design and management in the hands of Professor d. Martin Krumbigel. Entry is free, donation required.

Spa Parties in Bad Lausick

There are two spa concerts at Pentecost on the outdoor stage in the spa park in Bad Lausick. In the Sunday Wezelbach’s musicians promise that “joy is the best medicine”. In the Monday “An age full of operetta” followed by the choir of Johann Strauss Leipzig. Both events start at 3pm. Submission is free.

The art market in Lindigtmühle Kohren-Sahlis

The art market in Lindigtmühle is back. In the Pentecost, which is also German Mill Day, invite twenty craftsmen, artisans and creators to the historic building near Lindenvorwerk. Read more

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Postal mill in Ebersbach

On the occasion of German Mill Day on White Monday, Ebersbach Mill invites you to visit again. In the Monday Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Christian Gration, though now 85, is happy to climb the steep stairs with interested parties to explain the function of the windmill, built in 1859, to guests. Visitors can sit for a little rest around the plant. The entire Graichen family is interested in coffee and cake, as has been the tradition for many years.

Guided tour of Park Benndorf

Take a guided tour through the palace and castle park Monday From 2:30 pm in the Benndorf district of Frohburg. The association provides knowledgeable information about the ruined palace and castle, its use as a prison camp for officers at the end of World War II, the castle park and former palace owners such as Friedrich Karl von Bolnitz (“Adulterywringer of Delitzsch”), Professor Eichstädt and Kurt von Einsiedel (“Black”). The meeting point is under the guard corridor in the palace. Recordings are possible until Saturday By phone at 034348/5 16 77 and by e-mail to top600@web.de.

Whitsun sings in Groitzsch

It appears again in Wiprechtsburg in Groitzsch. Traditionally it happens on Monday Whitsun singing occurs. Eight teams have been announced for the event, which begins at 3 p.m. City Council employee Sylvia Benendorf reports.

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Local performers include the Groitzsch vocal ensemble, the Groitzsch Mill choir, and the Michelwitz men’s choir since 1898. The Lucka Women’s Choir, the Regis-Breitingen Church Choir, and the Zwenkau Harth Choir come to the cobbler’s town from the region. The Leipzig School of Music and Art and the Lucka Youth Wind Orchestra are also involved.

Managed by Klaus Henker. DJ Lutz Brause will provide the sound. The fire brigade handles the supply. In bad weather, Whitsun’s vocals will be performed at the Frauenkirche.

Afternoon movie in Molbes

Flash from the movie “Wickie and the Strong Men” Pentecost In Mulpies Parish Park across the screen. The Marienkirche Promotion Association invites you to an afternoon movie and a cup of coffee at 3pm. While kids can recharge for great chores while watching, adults are welcome to chat comfortably about home-baked cakes and drinks. If it rains, the event will take place at the chaplain’s residence.

Orchestra Concert at Rota

In the Pentecost The little summer of music “Rötha Klang” begins. And with the change of date. The Leipzig Symphony Orchestra will not perform any performances at 3pm as originally announced, but at 5pm at the Marienkirch. The title of the concert given by Robert Van Stein is “Great Night Music”.

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