“It’s Like Good Wine”: The Hans Lindbergh Phenomenon

Jack of course. When Hans Lindberg was asked about his favorite throw, the answer didn’t take long. The Dane likes to almost mischievously put the ball over the goalkeeper’s head.

He likes to throw the ball in such a way that it sinks right before the goal and then falls into the net. The rest of the ammunition of the right wing is not unimportant: spins, bounces, direct throws – a veteran can successfully accommodate them all in the goal. So successful that the officials of the handball club Füchse Berlin were convinced to extend the contract with the 40-year-old for another year.

“He is incredibly effective and a very important figure for our team. He is like a good wine, I have a feeling he is getting better every year,” sporting director Stefan Kretzchmar said of the Dane. Athletic performance, no injuries, character – everything speaks in favor of further collaboration with the champion Europe and the world.

Lindbergh himself was quickly sure of his desire to stay. “As everyone knows, I feel very comfortable in Berlin. The Denmark international, who does not seem to have had enough of handball – just like in Berlin, as long as you are fit, said I want to take this opportunity to celebrate the successes here.

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Since he moved there in 2016, he’s settled down well with his family, and Lindbergh, who has a wide range of interests, can live his culture here too.

He’s not the only handball player who has caused quite a stir

A level of satisfaction that you can definitely see in terms of sports. Not only is Lindbergh the best player on the team, his share this year is impressive. He failed to convert only eight out of a hundred balls from the seven-meter line, not only placing himself at the top of the scorers list, but also equaling the record for the most converted penalty kicks in the Bundesliga.

However, Lindbergh is not the only handball player in his forties who has caused a sensation in the Bundesliga. Starting with teammate Ferran Moros, who isn’t considering retiring at age 38, there’s Pavel Horak, who can still give Kiel a versatile defensive player at age 39. There’s Alexander Peterson, who, even at 41, can be a threat to any defense.

Lindberg was so successful that Füchse Berlin was convinced to extend the contract for another year.Photo: IMAGO / Oliver Vogler

Then there’s 38-year-old Lasse Svan, Lindbergh’s eternal wing partner in the national team, who has celebrated every conceivable success. Apart from the greats of the world such as Timur Depiro, Jonas Kalman or Nikola Karapatik. They all play for major clubs abroad and influence their experience there, although some will retire after this season.

But not Hans Lindberg. And if the veteran continues as before, new records may soon follow. With 2,734 goals, he has already ousted his best left winger to date, Jochen Fraatz, from third place on the all-time Bundesliga scorers list – and that’s even without the goals he was denied when Hamburg had to be relegated. In the 2015/2016 season.

Otherwise, he would be a lot closer to his compatriot Lars Christiansen, who is second only to Kyung Shin Yoon.

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But there is time for that next year. Just as with the other titles, for which Lindberg is important not only as a guarantor of goals, but also because of his game overview and his motivating and calming effect on his team in critical situations as well.

What it may lack in speed and jump in height, it makes up for in cleverness. Not without reason that he became a special character. In Denmark he is hugely encouraged, and his fans also stand in long queues here to have their picture taken with him or to get autographs after the match. The wishes that Hans Lindbergh patiently fulfills. Because ambiance and bliss are not part of his repertoire.

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