German federation team in individual review: Timo Werner looking for luck

Manuel Neuer

(Photo: Alberto Lingria/Reuters)

It has recently appeared in reports Tegernsi’s voice Because he wants to renovate an old mountain lodge (“Forsthaus Valepp”) within easy reach of his home on the lake of the same name, and like any other German, he depends on the approval of local commissions. It will be interesting to see what he emphasizes more: an international match in Bologna or a meeting of the Schliersee building committee.

Direction on Saturday: It is still his main function. The Italians appeared before him and often wore red clothes for it. Half an hour later on a dangerous cross pass, he saw a shot fly into his position shortly thereafter, he even played two passes wide and the second half was not difficult so far. There is no doubt that life as a cottage host is much quieter.

Benjamin Henrichs

DFB Team in Single Review: undefined
(Photo: Marco Iacobucci/Independent Photo Agency/Imago)

He was in the market as a right-back at a time when Hansi Flick, the coach of Bayern Munich, liked to have him at right-back. But then he went to Leipzig. Advantage as a national coach: You can simply nominate.

And was it a sign that Flick preferred Henrix over Lucas Klostermann or Jonas Hoffmann? The obvious answer: you don’t know. Very active, but also preferred by the tactical system, he should act in a much more offensive manner than fellow Kehrer (look there) on the other side. Often he was on the ball, but often he was also on the ball without consequences, sometimes with coordination difficulties with Serge Gnabry, after an hour Hoffmann got used to: his position is open.

Niklas Soleil

DFB Team in Single Review: undefined
(Photo: Antonio Kalani/The Associated Press)

The players of Borussia Dortmund and Munich bid farewell to next season with a few sharp shouts. Will it hold up? He could soon make a bar for Borussia in the national team with Nico Schlutterbeek, but he initially saw himself alongside Antonio Rudiger and behaved as usual with several passes, sometimes with a flight forward and a race back that wasn’t surprisingly quick for those who know the Süle game. Unfortunately, he conceded a goal because he focused on the opponent, not the ball.

Antonio Rudiger

DFB Team in Single Review: undefined
(Photo: Alberto Lingria/Reuters)

The player of the upcoming season from Real Madrid, and if I’m being completely honest, you wouldn’t really attribute that to him when he made his international debut in 2014 as a daredevil at Stuttgarter. But he has taken a huge leap in development in recent years, currently securing him a place against Nico Schlutterbeek, who has also made leaps and bounds in development.

Very alert after 20 minutes when he intercepted a dangerous cross. After 35 minutes he was let himself be tricked by Gianluca Scamaca, but with a trick that Scamacca supposedly did not anticipate himself. First of all, good coordination with Süle, which was evident from the fact that the Italians were often offenders. At the stage of Italian urgency then with more difficulties and problems of coordination to be recognized.

Thelo Kahrer

DFB Team in Single Review: undefined
(Photo: ActionPictures / Imago)

He keeps his streak: He’s also Hansi Flick’s 10th game in the first 11 – more than any other player. He already played as a central defender, right defender or, as this time against Italy, an uneven left defender (he liked the full-back, Henrichs advanced).

At first he fell victim to this tactical system and was little present. That time was more present after the break on the strong stage for the Italians, but not in the way you would imagine as a defender. She faced obvious difficulties against the graceful Alessandro Florenzi. He received a yellow card soon after for a foul on Matteo Politano, which limited his actions. Then substitute Wilfried Gonto left a lot of space – who prepared the Italian goal.

Joshua Kimmish

DFB Team in Single Review: undefined
(Photo: Andrea Staccioli / Insidefoto / Imago)

What do you do as a stolen player when you realize things are not going well for your team? Right – you interrupt the race first. When the match was stopped, he bumped into the Italian captain slightly Florenzi, who grabbed Kimmich’s neck, the excitement, the formation of the pack and the yellow card for Florenzi.

And what do you do as a ripped player when things go wrong? That’s right – just aim for yourself. He took the risk of running into the penalty area and using the ball that Timo Werner bounced off.

And what do you do as a ripped player when you want more? … No, the winning goal was blocked by Donnarumma. But that didn’t change the fact that Kimmich proved to be a robbery player and was clearly the center of the German game with over 100 contact balls.

Leon Goretzka

DFB Team in Single Review: undefined
(Photo: ActionPictures / Imago)

It is running much more smoothly than it was a few weeks ago in a Bayern shirt, which conveys a reassuring message: even the body of an athlete like Goretzka needs time to regenerate after a long injury break. His focus should now be on keeping the ball flat. So literally, not figuratively. He made two great shots at the Italian goal (photo).

Leroy Sane

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(Photo: Giuseppe Mafia / Noor Photo / Imago)

The match started with a tunnel against Frattisi, and continued with a rather poor finish from a good position. But it wasn’t noticeable because many of his teammates (see Goretzka, Muller, Gnabry) felt the same way. And then… yeah… then not much came from Sani. He left the match early for Jamal Musiala.

Thomas Muller

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(Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP)

He was knocked out by Lorenzo Pellegrini in the central circle after a good 50 minutes, but he probably didn’t expect Amore in town from Aunt Chicarelli. He got a good first-half finish, which Florenzi stopped, ran a lot as always, so he doesn’t have to take the accusation of disappearing as badly as Sane. But it didn’t work out much either.

Serge Gnabry

DFB Team in Single Review: undefined
(Photo: Eibner press photo / Imago)

By far the DFB’s most active player in the first 45 minutes, as if he wanted to make sure no reporter was asked about his unextended contract in Munich after the match. His impressive mane once single-handedly dodged the blue forest called Italy’s Defense and only failed at the treasury-like Donnarumma. He should have made it 1-0 by then – coming off twelve meters just before the break to an impeccable conclusion (photo). Anyone who sees him kicking too much has to say: the typical Gnabry game. So much effort, little countable yield.

Timo Werner

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(Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP)

But his life as a striker sometimes means it’s a dog: he scores a goal for Chelsea at the legendary Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid, even if he’s very good – with some strikers and that’s enough to keep criticism off their backs for a season – and then nobody talks anymore because he’s on the other side a striker. Another named Karim Benzema offers the most exciting show.

Timo Werner, you can say a lot, not only do you have to pursue happiness as Mr. Rossi did in Italy, but he has to work hard for it. He ran up and down the front, covered more meters than a student this summer with a nine-euro ticket, flopped the ball once, fell hard by Donnarumma once or had the goalkeeper on the ball in front of him (photo). Then he was rewarded – at least in a way – because Hoffmann’s winger flipped him over to Kimmich, making him the goal maker.


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