Fly fishing is the perfect sport for design and nature lovers

A new generation discovers fly fishing – and finds in it the long-awaited connection temper nature (And for the whole world is more beautiful Tools).

Eyes on the fly, rod down, reel in line – now! and missed. A lightning fast bite, our first chance after four hours is good. We can almost hear the laughter of the beast.

Fly fishing has little to do with fishing, you have to understand and absorb that, especially if you come home without fishing after a day on the river in “ideal conditions,” as our guide assures us. Trout is fast, moody, and smarter than people think. She immediately sees inexperienced beginners, and sometimes she does not even feel it.

Zone fly fishing is a complex system that must be understood in order to be successful. With mentor Jean-Pierre Vollrath (far right) We were out in Halbulk – and practiced carefully placing the fly on the water instead of in the trees.

Fly fishing is a sport for everyone

Once upon a time, fly fishing was a local thing and was used by those who lived along the river simply for food. Then people started traveling farther and farther to find the perfect location and spending huge amounts of money on better and better equipment. Fly fishing is often considered a signature sport for busy people from Barack Obama to Emma Watson. But actually in North America or Scandinavia it is a sport for everyone, from backward Even the president, and in this country more and more people taste his taste. People who are attracted and are looking for ways to put themselves in a completely self-centered and self-centered state of mind. Because otherwise, says JP Vollrath, fly fishing is simply not possible.

Jean-Pierre Vollrath, better known as JP, has been fishing for half a century. As a child he was near the streams around Oberammergau – sometimes, he says, his bare hand was enough. At that time, his uncle took him fishing in the Amir river, and if the fish did not want to bite, we would have mushrooms in the evening. After studying forests, he worked as an outdoor photojournalist and lived in Canada for five years, learning the meaning of fly fishing from the real cracks of the Yukon. Then he went back and founded 20 years ago a fishing school in Upper Bavaria in his hometown. Above all, people come to it who want to put their cell phones away for a moment and forget about everyday life, who let themselves be completely absorbed in a rhythm set not by themselves, but by the place in which they are. You have to learn to read the water, you have to observe insects and study plants, which can gain a spiritual quality because you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

One of the myriad forms of flies skillfully tied from feathers and other materials: “Seth Green” is a classic trout fly (with Al ShahbaA worker with the same name has nothing to do.

philosophy and technology

“There has never been a clear separation between religion and fishing in our family,” begins Norman MacLean in his autobiographical novel, Down below Runs a River, the adaptation of which has led the fishing industry, Montana, and a young actor named Brad Pitt to stars overnight. . Even if the latter has doubled itself in Jason Burger’s famous “Shadow Throw,” a legend on the scene. Exercising is not difficult, but improving it, where you can exercise your whole life without ever completing it, is. Fly fishing requires a certain experience and mindset, but it also requires a complex technique. A good representation is worth at least as much as the fish caught, and it takes a long time to master.

Unlike traditional fishing, when fishing by plane, you throw not the weight of the bait, but the weight of the thread – which makes the movement much more complicated.

JP Vollrath shows his clients how to do it and directs them to the best locations, from Ammer to River Spey in Scotland.

He also runs a small shop in Oberammergau where you can stock up on necessary equipment.

JP Vollrath is a quiet man with unlimited patience. The patience he may need on this day. But consoling us, most hunters are not looking for dinner anyway, but for foreplay and drills that follow the sting. Barbed hooks are taken for granted, and most will carefully release the defeated fish where allowed. Even if she did not have such a good image in Germany; Hunting without prey seems like a reprehensible sport to some, but to the Anglo-Saxons, this is normal. In turn, the serious flycatcher responds with respect and deep concern for the ecosystem that serves as a playing field. Fly fishing doesn’t need flat slopes, and it doesn’t do much with straight rivers. On the other hand, Vollrath can tell you a lot about banks’ vegetation and water quality, about their breeding habits and all the other components of a very fragile ecosystem. Those who love to fish are also interested in preserving it.

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