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Real Madrid won the Champions League by beating Liverpool 1-0. Before the match, there were major problems entering the field, and the kick-off was delayed by 36 minutes. The international press writes:


Marker: ‘Ici c’est Madrid. Real Madrid lifted the European Cup 14 to the skies of Paris after an unforgettable final against Liverpool and an impressive trip against Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and City, which are already part of the club’s history, football and sport. Carlo Ancelotti and Karim Benzema were the great architects of a victory that no one believed in and celebrated like never before. (…) Endless glory to the white team that won the Champions League in a superb way. ”

El Pais: “The glory of Real Madrid is infinite. The Whites won their 14th European Cup thanks to the phenomenal Courtois and Vinicius’ goal against Liverpool, which deservedly.”

as such: “14 times champions!!! It’s impossible not to love them. Real Madrid win their 14th title with an exceptional Courtois and a goal from Vinicius. Liverpool set the tone but in the end the experience of Ancelotti’s team prevailed in the most difficult tournament in history. Heroic, inexplicable, paranormal Or a supernatural. A legend that never ends.”

Sports: The champions of Courtois. The white team won the 14th Champions League with a single shot on goal and a stellar performance from the goalkeeper. Fortuna, the goddess of fortune, was, along with Real. The worst Real Madrid in recent years surprisingly won twice. Liverpool would have deserved much more these time.”

El Mundo Deportivo: “Courtois secures the 14th Champions League title. Liverpool’s dominance and scoring chances were useless against effective Real Madrid, who rarely advanced in front of goal but used it optimally. Real don’t play good football, but they play effective football.”

Great Britain

Parents: “One game was too much for Liverpool. The number 63 in the season they played every game should bring them glory. (…) It was not meant to be. On a night when the kick-off was delayed by 36 minutes due to the problems the fans faced Liverpool off the field, their team did their best to break the mysterious legend of Real that the Spanish champions did not lose the finals.”

the sun: ”Playground farce. The chaos of the fans in the Champions League final, and tear gas against the peaceful fans.”

times: Courtois and Vinicius deny the victory of Liverpool in Paris. It’s their trophy, it’s their competition and everyone is nothing but the catchers in the Champions League. Here’s what it looks like: Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti ruled Europe once again.”

daily Mail: “There is no reason for Jurgen Klopp to tear up this team. Liverpool are unlucky to lose, Courtois was one of those days as a goalkeeper when they look unbeatable.”

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Carlo Ancelotti is proud after Real Madrid won the Champions League.


La Gazzetta dello Sport: “The great Carlito. Nobody like Ancelotti: the fourth win in the Champions League. The Reds attack but defensive tactics win and Courtois saves everything”.

Corriere dello Sport: “Carlo, Emperor. Ancelotti’s victory is a victory for the Italian football school and shows once again that football is a fine craft. Real Madrid played 90 minutes to defend themselves from the attack of Liverpool. Ancelotti’s experience conquered everything.”

tuttosport: “King Carlo is making football history by winning his fourth title, which is a record for a coach. Ancelotti and his children are the kings of international football. His choice of player is crucial. Ancelotti proves once again that he is a football genius.”

Corriere della Sera: “No one is like Ancelotti, his calmness and his experience in dealing with players is unique. He knows his children and their talents like no other. Despite all the successes in his career, Ancelotti remains the same, with ease and humor.”

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David Alaba recalls his successful first season at Real Madrid.


the team: ”everlasting. Real Madrid won the 14th European Champions League title in the final against Liverpool. (…]The organization at the Stade de France turned out to be a complete fiasco. A stampede of fans without a ticket delayed arrival at the stadium and the start of kick-off, which raises questions about the exceptional security arrangements.”

Le Parisien: Stampede and Clashes: A Chaotic Evening at the Stade de France.


Opinion: “An epic royal night in Paris. Hincklebutt goes to Madrid for the 14th time. Why? Because Real Madrid have an outstanding goalkeeper at Courtois, their nets are cold and they defend in solidarity. Liverpool lick their wounds. Worst scenes before the match.”

Holland “He was dreaming of a second Champions League trophy in his career. But Virgil van Dijk is still holding on to one at the moment. He and Liverpool were both struggling with the solidity of Real Madrid. Vinicius Junior’s goal made the difference in Paris. Impressive goal by the four-armed and four-legged goalkeeper.

Voetbal International: “20 shots and still winning: Real Madrid understand the black magic of escaping football. In the final in which Liverpool completely dominated the chances, Real Madrid won.”


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