4 June 2022 – International Press Release

The opinion pages of many foreign newspapers deal with the balance sheet after more than 100 days of war in Ukraine. (Imago/Fastub Images/Multi Muller)

It was summed up by the Ecuadorean daily EL COMERCIO from Quito: “One hundred days after the start of the war, there are still two clear positions: one is completely in favor of Ukraine and condemns Russia. The other is trying to find some kind of justification for the Russian offensive, but the real attack must be admitted that every war is not Necessary, unjust and only causes pain, the West led by the US and the European Union has clearly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Moscow. More foreign companies and assets leave Russia Russian oligarchs are confiscated. Except: All these efforts have so far done little to change Russian President Putin’s popularity in Inside. It spreads the myth of the threat from NATO and the need for protection of the Russians living in Donbass. Nothing indicates an early end to the war,” BEMER kt EL COMERCIO of Quito.

The Spanish daily EL MUNDO explains: “It is too early to assess the effects of the war on the geopolitical situation in Europe and the rest of the world. Putin did not count on the heroic resistance of the Ukrainians, and the Russians did. The 100-day war suffered heavy losses, especially among the young recruits. And on Despite this, there is a serious imbalance of power, which recently enabled Russia to advance further in the Donbass. The democracies of the world should not abandon Ukraine, because the risks are not less than the future of liberal democracy. The NATO summit in Madrid at the end of the month should give a signal that The defense against these threats is being reinforced”, demands EL MUNDO from Madrid.
“100 Days of Vladimir Putin” is the headline in the Polish daily RZECZPOSPOLITA and wrote: “After a brutal awakening from his imperial dreams, Vladimir Putin is left with nothing but a war of attrition against Ukraine. The front between the Ukrainian and Russian armies is currently in place. Its length is about 1,000 km The Russians occupy about a fifth of the territory of Ukraine – an area the size of the Czech Republic and Slovakia combined. For a hundred days the Russians have not known what to do with the looted part of Cherson region, 84 percent of the population are Ukrainians. And slowly and with great difficulty, the Kremlin begins to realize that the people there are not Rus, rather their nation with their culture and history,” notes RZECZPOSPOLITA from Warsaw.
NEUE ZURCHER ZEITUNG spoke of a war of attrition that was a test of nerves and asked: “Will the West pass the test? Chancellor Schultz constantly promises new Kyiv weapons, but little is delivered. While Washington and London leave no doubt about their intentions, they send other mixed signals. Phone calls Long with Putin, as Macron and Schulz did, is useful for keeping in touch. It serves as a lull once support for Ukraine wanes. This includes refusing to leave Kyiv at that time Post-war security guarantees are being offered, for example through the possibility of joining the European Union, Macron is acting And Schulze as if the fate of Ukraine is of secondary importance to them, and the impression may be wrong, but at this level Berlin and Paris make themselves involuntary helpers of the Kremlin,” says the New Zealand region of Switzerland.
Danish newspaper JYLLANDS-POSTEN comments on the new EU sanctions package against Russia: big unity. If the head of the Kremlin thought he could split the EU by attacking Ukraine, he was completely wrong. The front still stands and NATO has rediscovered its old solidarity. But countries like Germany and “France stop their private contacts with Moscow. What is the point if the EU imposes sanctions on Putin and then the members promote him again? The union is stronger when he speaks with one voice,” emphasizes JYLLANDS-POSTEN from Aarhus.

As the Croatian newspaper JUTARNJI LIST from Zagreb emphasizes on the unity of Europeans: “Even if the effects of the new EU sanctions against Russia were not felt before the summer, and perhaps even before the autumn, this is an important and courageous step for Europe, which alone Russian aggression against Ukraine. Certainly will not The war in Ukraine will end soon, but with the implementation of the sixth package of sanctions, the probability of this is even greater. ”

The Italian newspaper Corriere Della SERA complains that efforts to find a negotiated solution are very inconclusive: “It does not mean that there has been no diplomacy. There are many examples. But there is no accountability on the diplomatic front by a powerful, influential player with strategic skills – In other words: set a goal and pursue it firmly,” explains Corriere DELLA SERA from Milan.

The Chinese daily LIANHE BAO notes a change in US strategy in the Ukraine war: “The US was the first country to start supporting the Ukrainians who are fighting bravely with heavy weapons. Washington also promised to significantly reduce the performance of Moscow and its allies in economic terms. The pressure and thus forced it to stop Shooting. The balance after three months is less positive than expected. The fact that US President Biden is now making a 180-degree turn and prefers to try to find a diplomatic solution is the wrong timing,” says Lianhe BAO of Taipei.

Marking the 70th jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the British newspaper TIMES is venturing into the future: “The prospects are encouraging. Prince Charles and Prince William embody the fundamental wisdom of the Queen, who has realized that the age of respect is much longer and that the modern-day monarchy depends on the strength of example. The principle of Inheriting the throne has long been an anachronism in the post-war period had the Queen not shown the moral strength of a constitutional leader,” The Times of London.

Finally to Australia. The new Prime Minister Albanese appointed two Muslim ministers in his cabinet. This is an important signal, as Turkey’s Yeni Şafak newspaper explains: “Ed Hussein, of Bosnian origin, is in charge of business and technology, while Anne Ali, who is of Egyptian origin, heads the Department of Youth and Early Education. It is no coincidence that the two “when the ministers laid hands on the The Qur’an when he took the oath, this was an important event for Australia and could only serve the country. But it is also evidence of the importance that Islam and Muslims attach to the Anglo-Saxon world. He has always “The British have kept good contacts with Islam and Muslims. They also have no problem in giving Muslims important jobs in the center of the kingdom. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is a good example. And in France, on the other hand although there are Muslims too – there are ministers Sturdy, yet the mayor of Paris is an unimaginable Muslim,” wrote Yeni Şafak of Istanbul. With this comment, the international press review ends.

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