What’s new on TV: new series and shows in June 2022

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New Series and TV Shows in June 2022: The TV program brings you many documentaries about nature and lifestyle. New shows and crime series have also started.

TV Tips

  • On RTL, you can watch the two-part “Elizabeth & Margaret” documentary on June 2, 2022.
  • Or you can switch to the new TV series “Thin Blue Line” on ZDFneo from June 3, 2022.
  • In addition, Tele 5 will premiere the first season of the sci-fi series “Stargate Origins” starting June 4, 2022.

In Free TV, you will get new highlights from the series and TV Shows area at regular intervals. But which station broadcasts any series or show? The overview gives you an insight into the most interesting ones Highlights of the TV show in June 2022.

Also in June, a variety program will continue to be shown on Free TV. Several new series have started on ZDFneo channel. So you can look forward to Season 1 of “Thin Blue Line” and Season 4 of “Art of Crime” here. Or you can prepare for season two of “Toni’s World” on Vox and season three of “Bosch” on Kabel Eins.

You can also allow yourself to be inspired by one of the many new documentaries and reports that start over and over again on Free TV on different channels. Here, for example, SWR offers you the documentaries “DeutschRand” and “2 Väter, 3 Babies”. The docu-soap program “Die Geissens – Roberts Mega Mansions” started on RTL Zwei. All other series and show releases can be found below.

New series on TV in June 2022

New TV Shows & Documentaries in June 2022

starting date TV program series Channel
01/06/2022 digital empire Three-part documentary ZDF
01/06/2022 Gold Rush: A Bet on Freddy Dodge 1 DMAX
01/06/2022 The power of feelings Documentary quarter ZDF information
02/06/2022 Cougars – wild in the western United States Documentary quarter Arti
02/06/2022 Scotland’s wild seasons Documentary quarter 3 saturday
02/06/2022 Bailey pest scare Doku soap DMAX
02/06/2022 Elizabeth and Margaret Two-part documentation RTL
02/06/2022 Saturday 1 Special private broadcast Saturday 1
02/06/2022 savior regeneration Report Saturday 1 gold
02/06/2022 Between pomp and panic – lifeguards in a manor house Doku soap Saturday 1 gold
03/06/2022 RTL High Diving TV program RTL
03/06/2022 main port Report Series NDR
04/06/2022 killer history True Crime . series ZDF information
04/06/2022 Cowboys in the Outback Doku soap ProSieben Maxx
04/06/2022 Scandals and affairs: the British royal family Two-part documentation RTL
05/06/2022 If it’s not you, we are! Report Series ARD
05/06/2022 Eternal treasures Documentary series Arti
05/06/2022 Big Food Bucket List Documentary series ProSieben Maxx
05/06/2022 Food for the masses Documentary series ProSieben Maxx
05/06/2022 Inside New York documentation mirror story
06/06/2022 German Rand Documentary series SWR
06/06/2022 The Geissens – Roberts’ mansions Doku soap RTL two
07.06.2022 geology puzzles Two-part documentation ZDF information
07.06.2022 Morocco wilderness Two-part documentation Arti
08/06/2022 Unbelievable – The Dutrogue Affair Documentary quarter Arti
08/06/2022 in 100 seconds Documentary series WDR
08/06/2022 Two sons and 3 children documentation SWR
10/06/2022 KulFaZ TV series/movie Tele5
06/11/2022 Art is a state of mind Six-part documentary 3 saturday
06/11/2022 expensive People and Lifestyle Magazine RTL
06/12/2022 castle party party series SWR
06/12/2022 Germans’ favorite brands Report single cable
06/13/2022 wagon dreams Doku soap DMAX
06/13/2022 Ship rescue mission Documentary series ZDF information
06/13/2022 Rock am Ring – Back to life! Three-part documentary SWR
06/13/2022 Swiss dog stories Documentary series 3 saturday
06/13/2022 Nation Test TV program RTL
06/13/2022 cool and crazy View Ranking RTL two
06/14/2022 Cyborg from Instagram Documentary series MDR
06/14/2022 The cars were hotter Two-part documentation rbb
06/17/2022 vivid dreams Documentary series WDR
06/18/2022 Camargue, wild and delicate Two-part documentation Arti
06/18/2022 Wonderful Life – WG Makeover Doku soap six times
06/19/2022 Detlev goes Schlager Doku soap vox
06/19/2022 Galileo stories Report ProSieben
06/20/2022 bread rebels Documentary series Arti
06/20/2022 Viva la Diva – Who is the Queen? TV program RTL
06/20/2022 strong stronger Report Saturday 1
06/21/2022 red house Two-part documentation Arti
06/22/2022 Austria in transition Documentary series Arti
06/23/2022 Bjorn’s Gourmet Secrets cooking show WDR
06/23/2022 Wallraff Team – Now more than ever! Report RTL
06/24/2022 Caroline Quebecos and the DCKS Festival TV program One
06/24/2022 comedy for the future comedy show ZDF
06/24/2022 Yard comes around Report NDR
06/25/2022 German Air Balloon Championship View game RTL
06/26/2022 27- European Journal Report Arti
06/29/2022 With every heartbeat Documentary series rbb
01/07/2022 wild beauty in romania Three-part documentary 3 saturday

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