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The Lower Saxony Music Days and Lower Saxony Literature Festival stopped because they wanted to promote more than organise. What remains is the “aufm Platz Festival” which begins in Peine on June 17th.

by Agnes Buhrig

There was quite a surprise at Literaturhaus Hannover when it became known that the Lower Saxony Literature Festival would be discontinued, “without any new notions of what was to come in place of the festival,” says director Katherine Dettmer. However, stick to it The aufm Platz Festival received a literary and musical program.

Festival in the Field: Free and outdoor at 16 locations

“Salted” is the title of the festival’s opening weekend, which is continued by the VGH Foundation and the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung. On four weekends starting on June 17, bands such as the “Frank Dupre Trio” and “Quatour Radio” will blend jazz and classical music. There are also free and outdoor literary and poetry performances in 16 locations in Lower Saxony, says Hedwig Dey, who is in charge of the programme: “We started with a main theme. We thought about it for ourselves. It could be a kind of movement and the whole program is anchored there so that the picture moves in a stormy sea. , on a ship or an island, but also an inner being in motion: How do I find myself? How do I reach my goals?”

Less occurrence in rural areas of Lower Saxony

But there are criticisms in the scene: How do the musicians reach their goal now? Because one of the problems facing professional teams is that with the disappearance of institutions as organizers, it has become difficult for them to organize shows in the countryside of Lower Saxony. But no one wants to confirm this, as many depend on the financing budget of institutions. Deputy Managing Director, Martina Farage, understands the concerns: “Of course we understand the interests of the orchestras and orchestras, but we have several cultural organizers on site who can and want to take on exactly these organizational functions. We are currently in the process of talking to each other so this year we have been able to connect Lots of new things and organizing concerts that would have probably only taken place in the big cities to smaller venues.”

More funding requests in the fields of music and literature

The financing budget has not changed. Notably more funding requests were received in the fields of music and literature. In the fall, for example, there will be outdoor music at Gut Loxten north of Osnabrück, Big Band Die Fette Hupe will organize workshops with musicians from Musikverein Nortrup and will develop a concert programme. The new drum festival Überschlag will be held in Hannover in August. At the same time, master’s courses are offered with masters of rhythm.

“There is an aha effect,” says Martina Fragge, “I am really amazed at how many new players we have suddenly seen in an area we have not seen before, although I would say our establishment knows the cultural scene in Lower Saxony very well.” At the same time, there is clearly new courage to turn to us and give us a chance to gain support.” Engaging new formats, audiences and representatives from the events environment – leading to funding. VGH and Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung hope to gain initial impetus from the new funding strategy.

What remains of the days of music in Lower Saxony?

The Lower Saxony music and literature festival days stopped. What remains is the “aufm Platz Festival”, which begins on June 17 in Peine.

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