“We must help Russia out of this.”

BerlinIn Maybrit Illner Thursday night, a dispute that has been hotly debated for weeks was renegotiated: Is Germany doing enough to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression? Kevin Kunert (SPD), journalist Catherine Eggendorf and Rodrich Kizioter (CDU) have all spoken in favor of the rapid delivery of modern weapons to Ukraine. Only the political scientist Johannes Warwick took the position that the conflict with Russia should be frozen. However, the world has repeatedly failed to provide a solid basis for this position and completely misjudged the role of Vladimir Putin.

The conversation, conducted in a very civilized tone the entire time, as there was heated discussion, began with a one-on-one conversation. This time with the transformation of Economy Minister Robert Habeck (the Greens). He confidently answered the coordinator’s questions and indicated that one should not leave the people of Germany indifferent to the Ukraine war. The green politician said: If that happens, we will be ashamed of it. Without hesitation, he answered Elner’s question about who had “longer breaths”, Russia or the West. Habeck: “Ukraine.”

‘Don’t force Ukraine to make lukewarm peace’

As a result, on the program in which Habeck was no longer active, positions that were already known about Ukraine were exchanged, albeit in an exaggerated form regarding Johannes Varwick. Even sociologist Harald Welzer, who recently drew attention to Anne Weil with a kind of request for appeasement, vehemently called for Russia’s help out of the complex situation in Ukraine. His suggestion: “freeze” the conflict. Farwick did not explain exactly what this meant, nor how he came to the conclusion that Russia is currently ready for negotiations and a ceasefire.

This year’s Grimm-Prize-winning journalist, Catherine Eggendorf, later confirmed that Warwick denies solidarity with Ukraine. He also spoke in favor of continuing to support them militarily for another reason: the Minsk Accords weakened Ukraine. Eggendorf: “We should not force Ukraine to make a lukewarm peace.”

Warwick repeatedly called for the sobriety needed to admit that the war was hopeless for Ukraine. Hand over more weapons, since Russia will implement certain war goals at any cost, “ride on a razor blade.” At the end of the show, the political world veered to the conclusion that Putin was now sitting in the corner and that the West shouldn’t interfere either. Instead, Russia should be helped out of this situation. At this point, Varwick transformed the Russian dictator from a war criminal into a vulnerable victim.

Consider Putin’s response to arms shipments

But the expected confrontation of the positions of the CDU, in the person of Rodrich Kizioter with the SPD, did not materialize. Your general secretary Kevin Kohnert kept quiet during the program and acted as a go-between in a way: “Beware the black and white picture: Now negotiate or fight with the last man.” arms supply. That is why one cannot simply send all available military equipment to Ukraine.

On the other hand, Kiesewetter has not approached Kühnert directly, but has described previous German arms shipments to Ukraine as “unworthy” and expressed concerns that Olaf Scholz might not want Ukraine to win the war at all, but speculate on the negotiations. Here it turns out what was actually discussed in the program that was titled “Weak Punishments, Missing Weapons.. Is Solidarity Collapsing?” Even if no one said it to the end. What will Putin do if he loses this war or threatens to lose it? And what does Ukraine’s victory mean, then?

Catherine Eggendorf, who was in Ukraine for a long time and spoke about the war, answered these questions as follows: “The reconciliation of interests with Russia has failed. There can be no safe world with a strong Putin.” In other words, Ukraine must win the war and it must For Putin to come out of this conflict weak. But this also means, according to the journalist, that we must be prepared for a long war.

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