The new season of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra: new classes and farewell guests

The Dresden Orchestra wants to expand relationships and relationships with the Dresden fans in the upcoming 2022/23 season. This desire also comes as a result of the past months of Corona, which showed how important it is to communicate with the public and the city, according to the management team in the season show on Friday.

The orchestra pursues this goal with new digital performances, more exotic concert formats, as well as classic programming highlights. “Building bridges – in the broad sense, that sums up everything we’re about in the new season,” explains coach Frauke Roth.

Janowski leaves Dresden

The new season will open at the Dresden Palace of Culture with Anton Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony. Principal leader Marek Janowski will be on the podium. Perhaps the “incomplete” selection of Austrian Bruckner and defender Wagner, because at the end of the season Janowski will resign from his position in Dresden. Before that, however, another highlight: the musical performance of the Wagner’s Ring quartet. According to Philharmonie, this also leads to the closure of a circuit – in the early 1980s, Janowski conducted the same program with Dresden Staatskapelle.

In his final season as captain of the Dresden squad, Janowski will also run the ninth for Beethoven in early 2022/2023. Along with the MDR Radio Choir, Hans Werner Heinz’s Philharmonic Sinfonia No. 9 will play in commemoration of the Dresden bombing. At the end of July 2023, Janowski will conduct a program with Brackner’s Fifth Symphony and “Les Illuminations” by Benjamin Britten.

Many guests in Dresden

Many guests could also be won for the 2022/23 season: Michael Sanderling returned to the podium at Kulturpalast and interpreted Gustav Mahler’s 2nd Symphony. The Mahler Mini Course will be created using Kent Nagano, Donald Runnicles and Junanjo Mena. Expected soloists include Augustin Hadlich, Arabella Steinbacher, Trolls Mork, Alisa Wellerstein and Anna Vinnitskaya.

Pianist Francesco Pimontese will give many concerts as artist in residence, on the other hand with a recitation program with Schubert, Debussy and Lachenmann, but also as a soloist in Mossart’s Concerto for D little piano and Richard Strauss “Burleske”. The composer and organist Thierry Askach will also introduce himself in detail to the Dresden audience as the palace organist and “composer in residence”. In addition to concerts on the organ, he presents his own works “La barque solaire” for orchestra and “Mecanic Song” for wind quintet and piano. The premiere of “Après l’aurore” for the organ and string quartet follows in October.

A New Vision for the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

As a major innovation, Philharmoniker offers its redesigned website, which should make it easier for audiences to get their tickets: “With your smartphone straight to your seat” is the promise. Podcasts and videos on the internal Instagram channel want to inform the members of the orchestra of upcoming concerts. The programs are available digitally in the so-called Wolfgang app. At solo concerts, information about the music is presented here in parallel with the performance.

In addition, new formats have been developed aimed at attracting the interest of new people to performances and classical music: in “Awakening Concerts”, the pieces are combined with mindfulness exercises, which are intended to ensure a calmer mind and greater interest in sound. This is also the idea behind Yoga and Music, which is now being combined as a separate series. The “abgeFRACKt” format is aimed particularly at younger audiences: the programs are shorter and the musicians can be seen in less formal attire. There’s also Stegreif.orchester, who is also looking at another time in concert for a conversation on the topic of sustainability – a topic that Dresden Philharmonic has been busy with in the background for some time.

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