The Adventure Playground in West Stuttgart: The green play paradise of Schwabstrasse celebrates its birthday – Stuttgart

Abi West Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary: ​​As a new project, the treehouse belonging to the climbing tower is a must have tube slide. Photo: George Friedel

Work in Abbey West is starting again, and the students are back in the little paradise in the middle of town. The facility will turn 50 years old this year.

This year, the Adventure Playground (ABBE) in West Stuttgart celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. At that time, the association “Citizens’ Initiative Space for Children Stuttgart West e. v.” In 1972, parents and citizens from the area joined forces to find and build a suitable place for their children to play. Adolescents should develop relatively freely and be able to set their own game largely independently. At the time, Abi West created this green oasis on Schwabstraße in the middle of the densely populated western part of Stuttgart. The course is organized and administered by the club members themselves.

His birthday is celebrated in September

On Saturday, September 24, officials at Abi West want to celebrate the anniversary with a program and a colorful party in the building at Schwabstraße 97. At the district advisory board, Abi-Team-West’s educational officer Moritz Kappler and the association’s president, Sarah Stoer, recently introduced the educational concept and current developments and projects of Abbey West. After two difficult years with Corona, the team was recently able to return to near-normal operations. A bakery is scheduled to be built at the Abi site on the anniversary. The project is still in preliminary planning, says social worker Moritz Kapler when asked, but the idea is to build a small bakery with an oven, similar to what it used to be in the country, where pizza and bread dough can be baked. children. However, some legal approval issues related to the construction and withdrawal remain to be clarified with the authorities.

There is a slide next to the climbing tree

Another project related to the wooden climbing tower on my father’s land. The project, which was undertaken a few years ago with financial support and assistance from the district advisory board, will now be expanded to include a tubular segment. This additional device is planned to be attached to the treehouse, Kapler says. The plans come from the Kukuk Corporation. Financing is done by establishing a car company. Collaboration with schools had to be reduced to practically zero during the pandemic. “It’s now working again,” Kapler says. And in full: “At the moment, appointments are fully booked,” says Abbey West’s social worker. In addition to primary school students at Falkert School, children from the Schwab School Student Home also benefit from the offer. From 10:00 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon they come to my father with educational supervisors. The open area starts at 1.30pm and runs until 6pm. In addition to the garden with trailer, beds and a climbing tower, there is also a hall where children can play sports, play and move around when the weather is bad. There is also a clay and wood workshop and music studio on site.

Open facility for Ukrainian children

As an open facility, the recreational activities are of course aimed at Ukrainian refugee children. The offer is free. Meanwhile, some Ukrainian families came with their children to look for dad. The county advisory councils in western Stuttgart have confirmed that Abbey West has done a “fantastic job” over five decades and that it has fulfilled an important function as an institution. They praised the show in unison. Gerhard Robb of “Die Fraction” noted that the Künstlerhaus Reuchlinstraße also built a small bakery: “I’ll get in touch with them,” Gerhard Robb gave advice. Otherwise, the District Advisory Board has offered Abi-Verein to continue to support the work if this is necessary for individual projects.

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