Peace ceremony for Ukraine in the old church tower

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Peace party for Ukraine

Design professor Wilfried Korfmacher has started an initiative with the musicians: it begins with a Pentecost Saturday concert at 11.55 a.m. in the old church tower. The team seeks friendship and help against war.

The Russian word “I” denotes both world and peace. “The Slavic language gets to the heart of what moves everyone,” says Wilfried Korfmacher, professor in the Department of Design at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and managing director of the Bodischer Sign Traffic Agency. He and his fellow human beings ask himself: “What can we contribute to world peace?” As an answer to that, he and his team created the website He sees it as a contribution to mediating the current conflict in Eastern Europe and at the same time as a forum for international communication. Korfmacher’s share is a concert held under the theme “MIRBUSCH-Vitalerina” on Saturdays from 5 to 12 (11.55 a.m.) in the old church tower.

Behind this is the desire of soprano Ekaterina Alexandrovna Zhuravskaya and pianist Vitaly Alexandruich Zalnirovich: “After the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, they asked for my advice. They wanted to do something for people in crisis areas. ”Korfmacher called the Belarusian couple – gave them the nickname“ Vitalerina ”to match the development of their young career and make up From their first names – for a six-person concert – the week office of his wife, who died in February, the house of Maria Mancino. In order to achieve a greater response, a public appearance at Pentecost was agreed upon on the steeple, the memorial to the dead of the two world wars in Podrich.

    Wilfried Korfmacher holding the Cyrillic crest

Wilfried Korfmacher holding the Cyrillic motto “Mir” (world, peace)
Photo: Ksenia Dobrotvorskaya

Among other things, folk songs of Eastern Europe, arias and Avi Maria will be heard: “At the invitation of Mayor Christian Bommers and under the auspices of District Director Hans-Jürgen Petrauschki, we are campaigning for humanitarian aid as part of the Podrich Archery Festival.” But the idea of ​​Wilfried Korfmacher broad and goes much further: “What happens after Pentecost here and in the world will be seen. What do I do?” The campaign could advance emergency aid, reconstruction and the peace process in Ukraine: “The idea is to compare war between nations and friendship between nations. People. Meyerbusch is moving forward and has applied for a partnership with a city that also has “the sea” in its name.” Korfmacher thinks of Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov, which has become an allusion to the worst crimes of humanity: “Today we associate it with the name of the greatest atrocities of war. Cities are in fact castles and therefore refuges – that is, places of peace in a world.” Thoughts continue: “What would happen if Meerbusch remains “Merbusch” even after Pentecost and we shake hands with the people of Mariupol in solidarity, this symbol follows the gesture with concrete actions and asks all other cities around the world to do the same?

    Belarusian musicians Ekaterina Alexandrovna Zhuravskaya and Vitaly Alexandrovich Zalnirovich campaign for humanitarian aid through the concert.

Belarusian musicians Ekaterina Alexandrovna Zhuravskaya and Vitaly Alexandrovich Zalnirovich campaign for humanitarian aid through the concert.
Photo: Ksenia Dobrotvorskaya

With that in mind, invites you to a friendship forum. And on, a partnership initiative between Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and Mariupol State University provides another boost to the city’s friendship. “And if New York, Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo join Paris, Rome, London, Sydney, Beijing, Lagos, as well as New Delhi, Montreal, Cape Town, and hopefully eventually Moscow will also be part of the global alliance for world peace.”

Wilfried Korfmacher hopes that through the Pentecost ceremony he will be able to draw attention and awaken hope: “We would like to encourage the global community and ask for help to those who need it most. There are already many actions. Anyone wishing to participate in person or donate money can also do so. Under Meerbusch for Ukraine, Rhein-Kreis Neuss for Ukraine, Welthungerhilfe for Ukraine or SOS Children’s Villages”.

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