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Berlin/Hanover (DPA) – The punk d’Ertesie has found itself on stage after years of crisis. “It’s an exciting feeling,” said guitarist Farren Orloop of the German news agency dpa in Berlin after the first performances. “I don’t want it anymore, it was done too quickly,” the 58-year-old said, referring to the band’s protracted crisis. The two successful albums “Hill” and “Dunkel” released within a year are seen as positive signs. So a new album coming soon? “I don’t think it will take that long.”

“Concerts are something we enjoy a lot, and we’ve all missed. And it’s one of the few things I think we can do too: just put ourselves on stage and do crap,” Farin Urlaub said at the Berlin Club’s first concerts. A tour with a view to upcoming shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Fun and music, unbeatable team. It’s really, really good,” said drummer Bella B (59). Rarely was he so excited as the first concert at “Schokoladen” in Berlin. “Each concert is also an individual experience for us, not just for the audience.”

Farin Urlaub said of the band’s mood, which also includes bassist Rodrigo González (53): “We’ve been through these ups and downs for decades. We’re three different people with different rhythms, different illnesses, private lives, stress, and hair lengths. There are moments where it comes It’s all together, like where we hold hands just like in the superhero movies and then a bright light comes on.” Other times, everyone does something for themselves. “It doesn’t have to be much worse, but it’s not that excited in the end.” There is currently a phase when we all want the same thing and are fully prepared for it.

Bela B talks about how old Die Ärzte feels new. “There’s enthusiasm as it was at first, like the band had just formed.” The band is also looking forward to a younger audience. “We’re a bit proud that it’s still working after all this time.” There were “too few safe songs” on the club tour. The band left many songs that could have been expected. Bella said, “But we’ve never wanted to sing our own success parade. Then we can stop. We still see ourselves as an existing band. The new songs from the two albums have been received really well. I haven’t seen any middle fingers,” Bella said.

The self-proclaimed “Best Band in the World” continues to build their roster set for the big stages. Bella B says:

This should also include the huge success and anti-Nazi song “Schrei nach Liebe”. It is one of the few songs that Bela B and Farin Urlaub wrote together. “I suppose we’ll play ‘Schrei nach Liebe’,” said Bela B. Farin Urlaub is also ‘Schrei nach Liebe’ ‘simply very important’ It is not only a great song game, but also an important statement; A song in which we clearly place ourselves. Personally, “Schrei nach Liebe” is so close to my heart that we’ll definitely be playing it at the big shows. “

Constant improvisation and changing programs are part of the band’s style. Bella B said, “What also sets us apart is that we allow ourselves to be driven by our personal sensibilities, by feelings, or by what comes from the audience. I am open to influences all the time while playing. This is not always good for the drummer. When I am distracted, I tend to lose myself” . “Our crew would be grateful if we didn’t improvise. But if we didn’t improvise from the start, it would be totally boring,” Varen Orlop added.

Last year, the group had to postpone a tour that ran out completely due to Corona and finally canceled it completely. At the beginning of May, the trio, who started out as a punk band, returned to stage with a concert they frantically celebrated after the Corona break. The concerts are a preview of the stadium tour that began in Hanover with 20 performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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