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Ellner: Why arms deliveries should be kept secret

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Maybrette Eyeliner’s photo

Maybrit Illner has been the face of the program of the same name “maybrit illner” on ZDF for more than 20 years. Professionally, Illner has also been successful in finding happiness in her private life.

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In “Maybrit Illner,” Vice Chancellor Habeck explained why the federal government has long kept secret details about arms shipments.

Berlin. Russian forces are advancing steadily in eastern and southern Ukraine. In order to slow down the progress, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has new weapons Weapon shipments Promised, including the Iris-T air defense system. Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck explained why the federal government has been silent on details for so long in the discussion in “Maybrit Illner”.

The evening was titled “Weak Sanctions, Old Weapons – Does This Help Ukraine?” A lively discussion arose among the guests, in which not even the question of the sense of handing over weapons was a taboo. Habeck criticized the EU’s settlement on stopping the purchase of Russian crude oil by sea via video link: “The oil embargo that would have included pipelines was a logical and correct move.” Read also: Iris-T: This is the weapon Schultz promised Ukraine

“Maybrit Illner” – these are the guests:

  • Robert HabeckFederal Economy Minister (The Greens)
  • Kevin KunertGeneral Secretary of the Social Democratic Party
  • Catherine EggendorfZDF foreign correspondent
  • Rodrich KeswetterMember of Parliament (CDU)
  • John FarwickProfessor of International Relations and European Politics (University of Halle-Wittenberg)
  • Eva QuadbeckHead of the Capital Bureau of the German Liberation Network (RND)

Habek: Arms delivery “possible targets”

However, you can ban policy “You don’t define it just by raw materials,” the economy minister said. The Russian economy has been “severely hit” and imports from the West have largely been halted. Habek explained the consequences as follows: “Putin has money, but he can buy a little.” At the same time, he admitted that “energy prices are too high – and I am not divulging any secrets – not as a result, Germany will see a “significant increase in heating costs.” And whether the policy measures already taken are sufficient to maintain social peace throughout the year, “I’m not sure”. Also interesting: Survey: Most consider the fuel discount to be just a little comfort

However, certainty prevails at the moment with regard to the delivery of weapons. After weeks of delay, Chancellor Schulz recently disclosed in the Bundestag a detailed list of weapons that have been or remain to be delivered, including the Iris-T air defense system, which is intended to represent a “stop sign” for the SPD General Secretary explained Kevin Kunert that the “asymmetry” of the Russian arsenal in the Donbass is disputed. But why is the government now only talking about the details? secrecy According to Habek, this was necessary “because these are always potential targets”. “This did not make communication easier, but then I saw that, firstly, there are many, and secondly, there are very modern weapons,” he said, referring to international allegations that Germany was not serious about the deliveries.

Ukraine crisis – all news about the conflict

Ukraine: Diplomatic expert questions responsibility for arms deliveries

Johannes Warwick raised the question of the meaning of handing over more weapons. The professor of international relations noted Ukraine’s dependence on arms supplies from the West. “It is irresponsible to continue to push Ukraine into a hopeless battle with our arms shipments.” negotiating table bring to. The dispute should be “frozen” as soon as possible “if necessary with a sloppy settlement of interests”. Read also: Ukraine war: These weapons could change the rules of the game

Farwick did not have any friendships with this position. Eva Quadbeck, a journalist with the NDA, Varwick reported that after the annexation of Crimea, the Minsk Agreement had unsuccessfully “frozen” the conflict. Quadbeck argued that much appeasement had already been practiced. “You can’t make a deal with Putin, there will be no peace by negotiating with him.” Kohnert also noted that the Russia-friendly attitude that had been evident among the Ukrainian population for years had “finally been reversed”. Therefore, reconciliation of interests is out of the question.

Kiesewetter: 60-year-old infantry fighting vehicles are not helping Ukraine

The Christian Democratic Union’s armaments expert, Rodrich Kiswetter, warned against the “diversion” of the Ukraine war. “We must not get used to the fact that war seems to be the norm.” A few weeks ago, Kiesewetter caused a stir because he denied Olaf Scholz, Ukrainian war success to want. He is now witnessing the “change of appearance” of the chancellor. However, he criticized the circular exchange of heavy weapons. The Ukrainians had ordered German tanks, but instead the government was offering Leopard tanks for 1.5 million euros each to Greece, which in turn transported old materials to Ukraine that had once been sold for “alleged 25,000 German marks from NVA stock”. “It does not help Ukraine to obtain 60-year-old armored personnel carriers.” Also interesting: 100 Days of War in Ukraine: A Terrifying Record

In the G7 اجتماع meetingHabek warned of the collapse of unity in the West. According to ZDF foreign correspondent Catherine Eggendorf, despondency is also growing among the Ukrainian population. The question now for the civilian population is “How many casualties should we achieve?” She describes the case of desperate doctors, now soldiers with minor gunshot wounds to the legs bleed to death due to the lack of space in the hospital. hospital. The Russian army sweeps “like a reel of fire throughout the country” and pursues a strategy of “encirclement and destruction, especially of the civilian population.”

Ukraine War – Background and Interpretations of the Conflict

Maybrit Illner: This is how the latest software ran

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