Kultur Pur 30: A complete house with the best choirs in the West

In Kultur Pur 30, LahnVocal, Biggesang and Encantada it shows what really good choirs have to offer. This is text with lots of pictures.

Nothing in the huge tent was left empty when three local choirs, who had already cleaned up the WDR “The Best Choir in the West” street sweeper in 2019 and took the top three in South Westphalia, performed at the grand tent theatre. No wonder their first performance together, which has been postponed twice due to the pandemic, was one of the first sold-out concerts on the 30th edition of Kultur Pur.

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Men’s, Women’s Choir, and Mixed Choir: These classic vocal formations from the region share much more in common than they separate: Through a variety of programs, they have won countless major choir titles and have also made a name for themselves in the state and federal choral competitions. Encantada has just returned from the German Choir Festival in Leipzig, of course with the title. All choirs were established after 2010, with Lanfocal being the amalgamation of the neighboring Wittgensteiner men’s choirs from Röckershausen and Vodingen. All singers sing by heart, so they only have one field of view: head to their choir director, who can thus communicate with each individual. The classic virtues of higher choruses such as the best dynamics, phrasing, balance of sounds, choral breathing, emphatic rhythm, textual clarity … are not to be mentioned in the review. They are plentiful.

LahnVokal in Kultur Pur 30: How a male choir inspires an audience

vowel lan Under the direction of Michael Blum, one of Germany’s most successful choral directors for decades, he shows that even male choirs, for which many naysayers see no future, can inspire audiences. Blended with humor, such as the setting of Wilhelm Bosch’s text, the ancient spiritual “Steal Away” is interpreted in an iconic choral movement with exquisite familiarity, the hit sense of “Happy Together” and contemporary “Pax”. Which seems unusual at first, which makes the events of the war all the more obvious.

One classic from LahnVokal shouldn’t be missing: “Men,” and not just because of its funny choreography. Moderator Rolf Schmitz-Mallburg: “The difference from Herbert Grünemeyer is: With LahnVokal I can understand the text.”

Pure culture in Geler near Helchenbach: the Encantada women’s choir delights the crowd

Ladies Encantada From southern Siegerland, a Spanish word meaning “to rejoice” in German, not just to please the crowd. You will be astounded. What Kristen Knautz and her 25 singers have developed in the 10 years of their existence, totally inspire visitors. For Encantada, singing also means movement, and that means rhythm.

Whether it’s a pop song from Australia, Maybebop singer Oliver Gies’ “Reserved Curse” with a slight swinging motif and pun ending with a string of expletives most common in this country, or the “Chicago” Clueso: their percussive movements and rhythms are never put into practice, not even rehearsed, It comes on its own. And when they almost breathe softly and gently in Paul Simon’s “Sound of Silence” or the powerful “The Person You Love,” you close your eyes and want time to stand up.

Pure Culture: Biggesang starts the evening with one of the most popular movie songs

45 lah great singingVokalisten raises choir director Volker Arns to operating temperature with “What a Feeling”, the movie musical produced from “Flashdance”. Then, through the sad and lyrical “Du schlafst” (“You sleep”), he shows the different aspects of sound and rhythm that his choir can seamlessly master. The ladies and gentlemen of the Olby region with reinforcements from Siegerland are simply “the best choir in the West”.

Incomparably fascinating and for many a seasoned audience, the highlight of the evening is “Kein Schöner Land”. Starting with African sounds and rhythms and ending with as one knows this romantic folk song, which was first published in 1840 and given expanded meaning by Oliver Gess’ order: that our planet as a whole deserves to be protected. Tones and sounds, from the subtlest pianissimo to the strongest of forts, seem to float atop the white tops of Geller’s tent.

Choir Concert at Kultur Pur 30: Conclusion with the Three Choirs and a Pop Anthem

It doesn’t happen often that, after a long evening at the party without a break, he sums up the reappearance: “Music was my first love,” the hymn-like composition of voice magician John Miles from 1976: All 100 singers And the three conductors celebrate this love song for music, designed for a massive orchestra, purely a cappella. It will resonate for a long time.

The evening’s moderators were WDR’s Ann Willems and Rolf Schmitz-Mallburg, a member of the Best in the West jury and also director of WDR Rundfunkchor, who, through separate interviews, extracted, through separate interviews, some choir secrets from the three conductors and district manager Andreas Muller to say: “I can I can imagine becoming active again as a singer and choir director at some point.”

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