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Neil Ebden is a big fan of the Rolling Stones, just a few days ago he was in the front row at a party for the band in Florida. Meanwhile, contacting the county immigration office doesn’t exactly give him “satisfaction.” © Stephen Schall

Briton Neil Ebden, who lives in Linden, tried in vain for about a year to contact the immigration office in the region of Gissen to obtain a form. The story gets more and more ridiculous.

Linden-Neil Ebden is a sick person. polite person. The Britons who live in Grossen-Linden are not easily disturbed. Just wait and see. Even after eleven months of extremely difficult contact with the county immigration office, Ebden remains polite – and yet he cannot hide his astonishment. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” he says. He feels ignored, sometimes “treated like a child.” Then he asks: Is it ignorance? confuse? laziness?

58-year-old Lindner sitting in his living room. He picks up the phone, dials a number, and puts it on the handset. An automatic announcement can be heard: “Hello. They are linked to the aliens and the civil status system for the district of Gießen. Unfortunately, all lines are busy. «This is followed by information that can be accessed by e-mail to the Authority.

Ebden has had to hear the announcement hundreds of times since he first tried to contact the authorities in January of this year. In all these months, the phone hasn’t lifted there.

Immigration authorities in the district of Gießen: Brite gets only automated answers

The reason for the unsuccessful contact attempts is Britain’s exit from the European Union, Great Britain’s exit from the European Union. Ebden has had a permanent residence permit in Germany since the 1980s. Born in Dortmund, has lived in the area for decades, and is the father of two adult sons with German passports. However, he has to report his current whereabouts due to Brexit. routine procedure. Ebden thought at first.

At the end of January this year, he will take care of her for the first time. After unsuccessful calls, he wrote an email on January 26 and asked for a residence document. It is the beginning of a hideous – and highly biased – dispute with the immigration authorities, which has not ended to this day.

At the time, Ebden received an automatic response to the email. The message has been received and will be “processed immediately”. But the promise was not kept. Six weeks later, in March, Ebden tried again. Again he hears the automatic advertisement on the phone, and again he receives the automatic reply by e-mail.

Jason Neighborhood: “Can you explain that to me?”

Then, when he tried to contact him via Facebook, there was a glimmer of hope: The county’s social media team responded within a few minutes, sent him a link to a form and wrote to him to send his request to an immigration officer. Desk. Then it happens again: nothing. Ebden searched the personal phone numbers and email addresses of individual agency employees and tried an area keyboard. But even these attempts to contact were ultimately unsuccessful.

Kafka says hello when a letter from the immigration authorities arrives at the Ebden mailbox at the end of June. Lindner hopes to get an answer to his request. But here’s a general reminder: Ebden should take care to report his whereabouts due to Brexit. Lindner replied with a message. Otherwise how, when phone calls and email don’t work. He asks “Can you explain that to me?”

However, at this point, he was starting to get anxious. He already needed the paper by June 30 of this year. Ebden works for Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport. His boss asks him to form, otherwise the company will be liable to prosecution. At first, it is enough for Abdin to show his emails and try to contact the immigration office, but at some point the employer increases the pressure.

Immigration authorities in the district of Gießen: a personal visit is required

Ebden is back on the phone again, writing emails, and his wife goes to Riversplatz at the same time and wants to visit the immigration office. Finally, she discussed the matter with a security guard who wouldn’t let her in, but then spoke to the authorities himself and tried to mediate. “My husband is going to lose his job,” Abdeen’s wife told the security guard. Ten minutes later, Ebden’s phone rang in the house. It is the immigration office.

It’s been a week since the temporary trip ended and Ebden has received at least one initial document. Meanwhile, Lindener also received a wrong order. “Why should I mention the color of my children’s eyes?” Abdeen asked. “He is treated like an asylum seeker,” his wife says. When Ebden stands at the counter in front of the safety glass in District Administration Building B and submits the application, he must insist that the employer receive the temporary document immediately. When an authority officer requests a processing fee, Ebden has to explain to him that, according to the Home Office, he doesn’t have to because he has a permanent residence permit

The document received is now valid until June 1 of next year. Ebden’s journey seems more like a fantasy than a reality. He smiles as he pulls out the paper. The document is called “Imagination Certificate”. (Stefan Schall)

area statement

When asked, the district explained that “the service point at the Immigration Office is currently understaffed for health reasons” and recommends writing an email or calling the information point. The latter can be reached at 0641 9390-0 and is available Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and Friday 8am-2pm.

This is not the first time the region’s immigration office has made negative news headlines. It has been known since 2019 that there is a staff shortage in Giessen.

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