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The time has finally come: Alexander Zverev meets Rafael Nadal in Paris. It is the biggest possible challenge for Germany. But it’s not entirely hopeless.


After a two-day break, Alexander Zverev and Rafael Nadal are back in tennis again. Today’s semi-final (2.45pm/Eurosport) is all about reaching the French Open final.

Nadal, a 13-time winner in Paris, is the favorite in the game. As always when he goes to Stade Philippe Chatrier at Roland Garros. But there are also things the German Olympic champion can claim for himself.

This is about Alexander Zverev

Outside role: Prior to the tournament, no one had Zverev on the bill. Everyone was only talking about Novak Djokovic, Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz. Zverev took advantage of that and came out with a winning score on Alcaraz. He can also play freely against Nadal.

Confidence: The victory over Alcaraz was important to Zverev. For the first time he managed to defeat the top ten players in a Grand Slam tournament. The Olympic champion will now take to the field against Nadal with a wide chest. Find out how difficult the task is.

Nadal’s foot: When Nadal left Jan Bowen Stadium on Thursday he was limping. The pain in the foot is chronic. And in Paris, Mallorquin has already completed two marathons this year.

This is about Rafael Nadal

Where: Nowhere else in the world does Nadal feel as comfortable as at Court Philippe Chatrier. Here he lifted the trophy incredibly 13 times, and here he experienced the best moments of his career.

The Experience: For Zverev, after losing the 2020 US Open final, it will only be his second final in a Grand Slam tournament. Nadal has won 13 times in Paris alone and is a record champion with 21 titles.

The crowd: The fans in Paris love Nadal. There is a very special relationship between Spanish and French tennis fans. And Friday is Nadal’s birthday too. Spectators want to push him to the final. (dpa)

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