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There were notable performances by women at the French Open. Former winner Simona Halep of Romania suffered a panic attack during her second round match against Zheng Qinwen and wasn’t afraid to share her weakness. On the other hand, the Chinese did not hide the reason for her exit from the field against Poland’s Iga Swiatek. She had menstrual cramps, and it’s on a topic that’s often taboo, and not just about tennis. American Coco Gauff has achieved the biggest success of her career, at the age of 18 she reached the Grand Slam final for the first time, meeting Swiatek on Saturday, who has achieved 34 consecutive wins, it is hard to believe. Take advantage of the moment to get rid of the message. She called for an end to gun violence in the United States. Don’t be silent. She is first and foremost a human being, then an athlete. strong words. from all.

Can one seriously claim that such personalities do not have enough attractiveness? Is that why you’d rather show men’s tennis nine times in ten “night sessions”? Is the market asking for it?

Amélie Mauresmo has now received a lot of criticism for these formulations, even from gamers. The one-sided weighting of the nightly matches introduced in 2021 on ten evenings is a political issue. Swiatek spoke of “disappointment and surprise,” after all, the new tournament director herself was a professional. good point. In fact, you have to protect Mauresmo. As Roland Garros’ most important manager for day-to-day business, the 42-year-old inherited everything that was fixed before her, including a contract with Amazon Prime, which broadcasts nightly matches in France. “TV decides, this is the world we live in,” Novak Djokovic correctly said. “You give money.” This is the price of such deals.

In Paris, discontent is a national sport. The traffic chaos after the night matches disturbed many spectators

Meanwhile, Mauresmo retracted his position, as he did not want to be understood as discrediting women’s tennis, a sport as attractive as men’s. One wants to examine how appointments can be divided more equitably. One consideration: a women’s doubles match as well as an occasional doubles match in the evening; Spectators who have to buy an extra ticket should get their money’s worth and not just see 6:2, 6:1. Otherwise the next barricades will go to the barricades, indignation in Paris is a popular sport anyway. The traffic chaos after the night matches disturbed many spectators.

Mauresmo said a rethink would take place. this is good. However, the problem has also expressed a development that has reached a new dimension in the wake of the pandemic: Grand Slam tournaments have become huge devices, and the focus is increasingly on their social responsibility. In a world beyond itself, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see yourself only as a money-printing machine, which Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon and New York represent. When a woman is excluded, she is not accepted without complaint. Roland Garros could have sensed this feeling.

The Australian Open has come under pressure in the context of the issue surrounding an invulnerable Djokovic, and Wimbledon has just isolated itself by excluding the Russians and Belarusians. Even the most famous tournament overestimated itself: the men’s and women’s tours announced that they would not award world ranking points, and that no one should be discriminated against as an athlete because of their origin. Ethics, often guided by self-interest, is on the rise. Professionals from other countries with poor human rights records also play on the ATP and WTA tours. In the Wimbledon precedent, what do you do with them?

No, the Grand Slam is not there to save the world. They just have to be aware: They are very powerful, and they can improve. Mauresmo understood that. The two-time Grand Slam winner said she still has a lot to learn. You must give her that.

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