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The incidence of monkeypox is also increasing in Germany. Now the World Health Organization has spoken. A pandemic cannot be ruled out.

  • Cases in Germany: Monkeypox is also on the increase in this country. So far, more than 57 diseases have been registered.
  • Who says that: It is still uncertain whether there will be a pandemic. Very little is currently known about the monkeypox virus. However, it cannot be compared to Corona.
  • Incubation period: When the first symptoms of monkeypox appear.

Update from Thursday, June 2, 11:15 a.m.: Cases of monkeypox are increasing worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 550 cases of the virus have so far been recorded. The figures do not include current infections in several African countries where the viral disease has recurred in the past.

According to a United Nations expert, increasing pressure on ecosystems could lead to monkeypox in humans. Mike Ryan of the World Health Organization said threatened habitats and climate change would change the animal’s radius and encourage the virus to spread to humans. “We’re dealing with a pretty unstable interface between animals and humans,” Ryan said at a press conference. Increases may also be observed in other diseases of animal origin, such as Lassa fever or Ebola.

Monkeypox is also common in Germany: 57 known cases

“We don’t know if it is too late to contain it completely,” said Rosamund Lewis, a smallpox expert with the World Health Organization, according to the German news agency (dpa) about the virus. But she was optimistic that this spread could be combated with traditional hygiene measures. In Germany, the RKI currently reports 57 cases of monkeypox in nine federal states.

Lower Saxony
North Rhine-Westphalia
Source: RKI (as of June 2)

Monkeypox in Germany: a new pandemic looming? Who Speaks

First report on Tuesday, May 31 at 4:00 pm: BERLIN – Monkeypox continues to increase in Germany. The first case was confirmed in Munich on 19 May. The virus has now spread to six federal states.

The number of infections currently detected is increasing every day. While the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recorded 21 cases for Germany on Monday (May 30), a day later, on Tuesday (May 31), there were already 33 confirmed cases. The current outbreak of monkeypox is the largest geographical spread ever reported outside endemic areas of West and Central Africa.

An increasing number of cases of monkeypox infection have been reported worldwide. © Billy Tompkins / Imago Images

Monkeypox in Germany: The majority of cases have not yet been serious

According to dpa, the German Institute for Standardization has not yet provided more detailed information on monkeypox cases in Germany. However, most of those infected should not be in serious condition, according to the news agency. While the number of cases is increasing, the number of affected countries has remained unchanged, overview:

But the incidence of monkeypox is not only increasing in Germany. The NHS also announced an increase on Monday (May 30). Accordingly, 180 cases have already become known in Great Britain.

Monkeypox in Germany: WHO has not ruled out a pandemic yet

The World Health Organization (WHO) is also concerned with monkeypox. The World Health Organization said on Monday (May 30) that the question of whether the current situation will lead to a pandemic cannot be answered at the moment. However, it cannot be ruled out. “We don’t know, but we don’t think so,” said Rosamund Lewis, WHO technical director on monkeypox. The US CNBC quoted the World Health Organization as saying that there is currently a time window within which the increase in cases can be contained.

However, the World Health Organization sees the risk of monkeypox spreading further, especially at upcoming festivals and big parties. “The potential for transmission in Europe and elsewhere in the summer is high,” the WHO’s regional director for Europe, Hans-Henri Kluge, said in a statement. Festivals and celebrations in the coming months will also provide the opportunity to raise awareness of the disease among sexually active and mobile youth, and to promote preventive behaviour.

We don’t want people to panic or fear thinking it’s like Covid or maybe worse.

Little is currently known about the high incidence of monkeypox in western states. However, the viral illness should not be confused with the coronavirus. The World Health Organization said risks to the general public would remain low, according to CNBC. It remains to be seen whether cases will continue to appear in Germany. (Lucas Mayer)

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