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MAGDEBURG (AP) – Bennett Wiegert repeatedly pointed to his team with his index fingers, while 6,449 fans frantically chanted “Head coach, professional coach, hello.”

After that, the Magdeburg handball coach wiped his tears and grabbed the ball firmly in his hand. “If our captain Christian O’Sullivan says, ‘You take him as coach, I’ll do that. He’ll definitely get a place in the club’s cup cupboard’,” Wiggert said after a tough 31:26 win over HBW Ballingen. – Wilsteten did not get tired of stressing that his team and not is the priority.

The title is “The Product of Long Hard Work”

“I preferred the ‘team of the championship, the championship’ because it is a success for the team in which I made my small contribution. Now the head coach’s feeling shines a little bit, but it’s not fair,” the 40-year-old said. The pieces have been assembled like jigsaw puzzles for seven years. Lucas Mertens, the national player, praised “It’s the product of a lot of hard work. Bennett set his playing system, and signed the players he wanted. I’m glad I’m a part of it.”

So, 7,683 days after the first all-German victory in the club’s history, SCM once again won the cup, available only on June 12 in their last home game against Rhein-Neckar-Luen. Then there will be a reception at the city hall. 30 Bundesliga victories and just two defeats were enough to keep record champion THW Kiel in trouble. “It’s indescribable,” said Matthias Moshe, a boy from Magdeburg, who hugged the coach long and hard. “We struggled our way step by step for ten years.” They both used to go through all the SCM teams.

Beer, dance and goosebumps

So did national player Philip Webber, who danced on the floor with a beer bottle and Magnus Saugstrup in his arm before getting a champagne fountain from Dane’s Magnum bottle. “It’s very nice to be back in my country in my first year, it’s great,” said Webber, who meanwhile played in Leipzig and made it to the national team there. At Getec Square, he was surprised by his mother who was in the hall for the first time. “It’s unbelievable, you’ve never been there before,” Webber said, adding in disbelief: “Even when I say it: German champions – I get goosebumps.”

The 10-time DDR Champion faces even more of a challenge. After winning the title in 2001, this was followed by a Champions League victory in 2002. This challenge will now be the next step for Elbestadt, who won the Club World Championship in the IHF Super Globe against FC Barcelona (33:28) in October. “We can beat any team in the world. Now we can set new goals, we might have to,” said SCM President Dirk Rosandowicz.

Wiegert محرك engine

Coach Weigert, who hasn’t been called “Pino” at his club since childhood – had to admit: “As a player I wouldn’t have envisioned it that way, I now feel even more powerful.” The son of Olympic handball champion Ingolf Wiggert was there as a player when today’s national coach Alfred Jeslason led the SCM team to the tournament in 2001. “I’ve always been thinking about the tournament. I’ve worked for it every day,” Wiggert said.

He does not like comparisons with his father very much. “I will always be under his leadership,” he said in an interview with the daily newspaper “Die Welt” (Friday). “I have felt this all my life and it is not bad.” “Throughout my career it has pushed me and given me energy. It has pushed me incredibly well. But at some point I had to admit that I couldn’t do it because his athletic impact was so great.”

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