Gutersloh Region: Increased staffing requirements due to refugees

Because of the war in Ukraine and its impact on the region, the Gutersloh region sees itself compelled to act.

Gutersloh Region (DL) – In the short term, a total of 6.5 temporary positions will be created in the various departments of the Authority until the end of the year. This will be decided by the District Committee on Monday, April 4th (3 p.m., District Building).

Continuous increase in the number of people seeking protection

The draft resolution submitted to the commission stated that “since the beginning of the war, there has been a steadily increasing flow of people from Ukraine seeking protection.” By the March 23 deadline, more than 1,071 refugees had already arrived in the region’s municipalities (excluding those from Gutersloh, which has its own immigration office).

In order to handle associated tasks such as registration, registration or training, the number of employees must be increased.

Immigration Office (two and a half posts): The administration explains that Ukrainian citizens and citizens of third countries who have fled Ukraine are first registered by the registration authorities of cities and municipalities. Upon registration, the residence permit application is also registered and sent to the immigration authorities.

Six-month fictional certificate

You create a fictional certificate defined with six months. It contains all the essential data important to the residency – including the statement that paid work is permitted. In a later step, refugees must be registered in person at the Immigration Office.

This includes taking fingerprints, checking personal data in various databases, and creating a biometric image. An electronic residence permit application is then made, which is generated by the Federal Printing Office. Management writes: “The current staff is insufficient to handle these additional tasks.”

Translator for Integration Center

Municipal Integration Center (three positions): Especially in the context of education of immigrant school-age children and youth from Ukraine, there is a need for support in the area of ​​municipal data management there. An interpreter is also required. The administration wrote that the group of volunteer language guides at the integration center is partly suitable for this purpose. Last but not least, Integration Center management should be supported.

Youth Division (1 position): Women with children in particular come to the Gutersloh region from Ukraine. According to the draft resolution, some have children of friends or relatives with them. In some cases there is no authorization of consent or power of attorney from legal guardians.

Custody issues

“It should be clarified whether this power of attorney or consent can still be obtained or whether children with whom they have traveled must at least be formally cared for by the Youth Welfare Office, even if they can normally remain with the refugee community,” the department writes. Children and young people traveling alone in suitable facilities and looking after them in a socio-educational way.In this case also, the staff is not enough.

In addition, a permanent position for the Civil Protection Department will be established to lead the Personnel Coordination Team.

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