Emscher Games 2022 – Games, Sports and Fun Last Weekend at Emscher Park

Emscher Games 2022.
The new annual Sports, Games and Inclusion event for families in North Essen will be given a new volume with the new format after the last campaign in 2021.
Despite the mild weather conditions, more than 600 visitors, especially families and their children, were able to learn about the various sports clubs at this five-hour event last Sunday in Emscher Park, and do sporting activities as part of MOVE’s nationwide djbewegt movement campaign. Then receive the gains.

The event was opened by Mayor Rudolf Jelinek, Sports Committee Senior Vice President Ralf Buxtedte and President of KBB 1999 eV Roland Kaiser. But the focus was entirely on the children and youth of North Essen, who were able to visit all the participating sports clubs, who were to use the sporting activities and fun, and as a bonus, free drinks, food, bags of fruit and lots of sports prizes were received in the wheel of fortune “emscher games”.

Councilors and Sports Committee members Ralf Buxtedt and Florian Fuchs were happy to take over the sponsorship, as sport, games and inclusion, together with Karnaper Bürgerbündnis 1999 eV and Karnap Sports Park eV, are of interest, particularly in North Essen. Mayor Rudolf Jelinek, who opened the program for young and old in his greeting, greeted the families with the words “I am very happy that in the immediate vicinity of the wonderfully renovated Emsher, you have the opportunity today to spend a sports day with your families. Spend.”
“What the club community does, here under the organization of Karnaper Bürgerbündnis 1999 eV, and what it has done so far, is the Emscherpark sports park surrounded by wonderful green landscapes and located in Emscher, with the Emschergenossenschaft/Lippeverband renovation project, is a positive sign of coexistence and development in North Essen,” as says council member Florian Fox. The fact that the idea of ​​incorporation is being implemented here too is a matter close to the heart of the first deputy of the Sports Committee of the City of Essen, Ralph Buxtedt, member of the Sports Committee Klaus Gottke and the inclusion official in the region. KBB 1999 eV Andreas Opper.

FC Karnap 07/27, BV Assindia Miners, Sportpark Karnap eV, Skatfreunde Carnap-Horst, der Children’s Protection Association Essen with its portable games, KBB 1999 eV, sports club RC-Team-Ruhrstör model building, in which 150 children completed a club driving license at one time short. But other sports club heads also came to visit, such as Helmut Bodlich of the Carnap Rifle Club, who will be on board for the upcoming campaign, and other sports clubs of cycling, billiards, darts, softball, badminton, agility, fitness, martial arts and basketball, will be included in Planning now.

The large number of volunteers in the clubs alone, where 60 people strive to ensure the well-being and sporting fun of children and youth, shows how strong interest in volunteering remains despite the Corona pandemic.

“The interest in this form of ’emscher games’, especially in North Essen, is so great that next year we will be making this project (or rather) bigger and wider for everyone,” enthuses Thorsten Kaiser of KBB 1999 eV and Karnap e sports park.

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